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Since 1979 Entrust has been about Multiplying Leaders for Multiplying Churches, first in Eastern Europe and Russia, now also in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin and North America.

Fulfilling the Great Commission will only happen if we can effectively equip nationals with the specific tools needed for each context. Transformational leadership training recognizes that different tools are needed for different settings and different roles. We begin by trying to understand what sort of church the leader should be equipped to lead, asking:



  1. WomanWhat does it look like in this culture when someone is being transformed into the image of Christ?

  2. What does it look like when a group of disciples are being transformed? What impact will they have on their families, neighborhoods, culture?

  3. What tools are needed by a leader to lead others to transformation?

We come alongside international and indigenous ministries to help them create training that will produce locally sustainable movements of transformation.