The Local Church
Because God has chosen the local fellowship of believers to be the primary vehicle for the working of his spirit in the world, our ultimate focus is the health and strength of the local church, establishing ongoing, indigenous, church-based training of servant-leaders for generations to come.

Because a vision and strategy for multiplication of servant-leaders through training systems is critical, we establish sustainable multiplication models dependent on local men and women who recognize the need for transferable training, express the need for assistance in developing a solution, and are committed to its implementation and long-term success.

Transformation of Communities
Because the Bible connects loving God with loving our neighbors, we equip servant-leaders who, working through their local church, biblically and holistically transform their local communities.

Mentoring through Small Groups
Because we are convinced Jesus’ model of life-on-life discipleship in small groups is the best way to strengthen the church, we utilize relevant training for both men and women through interactive adult learning.

Collaboration with Partners
Because current leadership training efforts are unable to meet the vast need, we join the larger “kingdom team,” working in partnerships and collaborative efforts with like-minded ministries, local organizations and other networks.

Because Christ commissioned the church to train believers to maturity, we train indigenous men and women to equip others through biblical leadership training that is accessible financially, geographically, culturally and educationally.

Because we take assessment seriously, we build it into our reproducible training systems in order to achieve excellence in the services we provide. We are also designing continuing educational experiences specifically aimed at improving the quality of the trainers’ skills.