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The focus of our courses is development of character and ministry skill through a process of action and reflection. The assignments take place in the context of hands-on ministry. Reflection on the ministry experience takes place both privately and in small groups which provide peer mentoring. The courses are designed to deliver learning "just in time," both through assignments, real-life stories and case studies that draw the student emotionally and logically into the practical need for the topic at hand. This process provides the very best learning environment for the adult student.

The eight areas in which a student will gain typical competences are: administering, discipling, evangelizing, lay counseling, leading, pastoring, preaching and teaching.

The Entrust curriculum is designed for college-level students and is part of a learning process which requires trained facilitators.

The following six workbooks may only be purchased if you have completed Entrust training.  Facilitator Training sessions are held throughout the year. To learn more about Entrust's Facilitator Training please click here. You can also view the Women-to-Women Ministry Training calendar.


Facilitator Training Manual

Facilitator Training
Revision Date: April 2015

An interactive teaching method that builds on the best practices in adult learning. Since adults need to make meaning out of life’s experiences, our well-facilitated small groups offer an ideal setting for this endeavor.


Walking with Christ

Walking with Christ
Release Date: July 2008

Encourages students in their Christian life by presenting truths that are transforming. Students learn what it means to depend upon Jesus Christ in daily life.



Becoming a Man of Understanding

Becoming a Man of Understanding
Release Date: July 2015

This course is designed to help men grow in their understanding of God and their understanding of themselves.  It examines some truths that are essential to understanding who we are, such as the damage caused in every human being as a result of the Fall, the scope of our salvation through Jesus Christ, the new identity in Christ that we have received, and the resources God has given us to transform us more and more into the image of His Son.  As our own relationship with God grows deeper, we will begin to see real change taking place in us, and God will use us to help and encourage others in their walk with God.


Developing a Discerning HeartDeveloping a Discerning Heart *
Revision Date: March 2017

Explores God’s design of men and women as image-bearers of God and the far-reaching effects of the Fall on men and women. Studies the life-changing impact of Christ’s redemption and its effects not only on man’s thirst for God but on each person’s mind, will, and emotions. Looks at the new identity we have in Christ and how that enables us to live redeemed lives.


Discovery Bible Study

Discovery Bible Study *
Revision Date: July 2015

How to effectively study the Bible to enrich devotional times, lead small group discussions and prepare lessons and messages. Work systematically through a process of observation, interpretation and application of biblical passages in order to understand the original author’s intent and accurately apply the word of God.


Women Serving Women

Women Serving Women *
Released Date: June 2011

Building a biblical framework for women-to-women ministry, this practical course identifies needs, resources, challenges and opportunities in creating and sustaining meaningful ministry to women through the local church.  (Currently in the revision process.)


* These courses were specifically written for women. 

Excerpts (introduction and the first lesson) of all courses can be downloaded by clicking the file names at the bottom of the page.



Although Entrust training is recommended, the following Entrust materials are available for purchase without having taken any specific Entrust training:

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Release Date: August 2009

Following Paul's flow of thought through the entire text of Galatians, this course draws the student's attention to the issues of law, grace, legalism and life
in the Spirit.

 Nurturing Our Children

Nurturing Our Children
Release Date: October 2010

Sets forth biblical principles of child rearing and family life. Attention is given to practical problems of developing a child’s self-image, discipline, demonstrating love and dealing with rebellious children.

 Building a Lasting Marriage

Building a Lasting Marriage
Release Date: December 2010

The goal of this course is to help students develop open lines of communication. A biblical design for marriage is presented along with practical means for
applying it.

 Discovering the Treasures of God's Word

Discovering the Treasures of God's Word
Release Date: January 2011

The principles presented in this course will lead to an intimate knowledge of a biblical text, confidence to understand the Bible and joy in finding biblical truth firsthand.

 Lay Counseling

Lay Counseling
Release Date: November 2013

Presenting skills for effective listening and various approaches for interacting with those who come for help, this course equips leaders to provide effective nonprofessional counseling from a biblical perspective.

 Fulfilling the Great Commission

Fulfilling the Great Commission
Release Date: February 2014

Addressing the key elements for fulfilling the Great Commission, this course presents the knowledge, methods, and practice to prepare you to share the gospel with nonbelievers and to disciple believers.

Growing a Healthy Church

Growing a Healthy Church
Release Date: August 2017

Seeking to guide the church to health, maturity, and unity, this course provides the necessary instruction, principles, and methods.


Excerpts (introduction and the first lesson) of our courses can be downloaded by clicking the file names below.

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