Global Mentorship Network

GM Network

Global Mentorship NetworkDr. Emmanuel and Leticia Bellon launched the Global Mentorship Network (GM Network) in about 2010, aimed at mentoring young professionals in leadership.
Aspiring young professionals from varied backgrounds are assembled into teams and mentored over the course of one to two years, then challenged to go out and mentor other leaders.

The network focuses on leadership growth under four mandates.

  1. Spiritual formation; learn to practice the presence of God, learn biblical principles and how to apply them to one’s work.
  2. Effectiveness in the local church; grow in ministry effectiveness.
  3. Professional development; develop professional excellence in any field of work.
  4. Marriage and family; experience guidance in decisions about marriage, mentoring over the first 18 months of marriage, then join a growth group to study team leadership and how to lead a couples’ group.

The GM Network is headquartered in Kenya; the majority of its participants Kenyan. Participants have taken the training to Botswana and Malawi. Further contacts are underway in Africa and Asia. The Bellons would love to see the GM Network spread across Africa and the world.

Entrust and the GM Network joined forces in 2016.



“I’m passionate about leadership. My life goal is to raise godly leaders who can also raise godly leaders. That’s me. That’s what wakes me up.”
Dr. Emmanuel Bellon


Emmanuel BellonDr. Emmanuel Bellon holds a PhD in leadership training from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies in California. He has served in a variety of roles, including president, of Campus Crusade’s International Leadership University in Africa. During his six years as Director of Training for the International Leadership Foundation, he developed programs and coordinated training for government leaders and top professionals in nine African nations.


Leticia BellonLeticia Bellon holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and “is passionate about counseling.”






Emmanuel and Leticia launched and co-direct the Global Mentorship Network.

The Bellons are from Ghana and make their home in Kenya. They have three children.