More than a Mile Deep


MMD GlobalIn Africa, years of superficial ministry led some to describe Christianity that spreads rapidly but doesn’t make a difference in how people live as “a mile wide and an inch deep.” Thus, African Christians serving with Entrust have chosen to call their leadership development initiative More than a Mile Deep (MMD).

After surveying church leaders across sub-Saharan Africa, MMD saw a deep hunger for training driven by the uniquely African challenges faced by the church. African Christians and theologians designed MMD’s comprehensive curriculum and continue to write, field test and facilitate its unique ministry training courses.

MMD CountriesMMD training is accredited and non-formal. Each course is designed with biblical integrity and with the intent of individual, church and community transformation. Many of the courses utilize Action-Reflection-Action (ARA) methodology.

Based in the local church, MMD’s program enables leaders to gain training while remaining in their natural context. By working within existing structures, the size and cost of MMD’s infrastructure is reduced. Key to financial sustainability is the collection of student fees, which are kept affordable yet provide sufficient margin to recover more of the costs as enrollment increases.


Pastor Albert L. Nyoni, a senior MMD student in Zimbabwe, describes the innovative goat project he developed in a response to an MMD assignment. Dr. Elesinah Chauke introduces the project.