More than a Mile Deep


MMD Course List

The following is a list of current and planned More than a Mile Deep (MMD) leadership training courses. 


MCS 1125 Loving as a Christian: Providing Home-Based Care

MCS 1243 Pastoral Guidance and Counselling in the Era of HIV and AIDS   

MCS 2123 Premarital Counselling                                                        

MCS 2124 Marital and Family Counselling                                          

MCS 3123 Understanding Behaviour (Mental Health Counselling)     

MCS 3124 Responding to Spiritual Powers and Guiding the African Convert

MDS 1121 Discipling for Transformation

MDS 1124 Empowering Children at Risk: Promoting Memory Box Keeping

MDS 1125 Discipling Teenagers at Risk: Sex Education

MDS 2240 Living a Practical Christian Life

MDS 2241 Nurturing Christian Families

MDS 2243 Abounding Hope: Discipling in the Era of HIV/AIDS

MDS 3121 Doing Business as Mission (BAM)                                       

MDS 3122 Discipling Youths                                                                 

MGS 1121 God Working Through Women in the Bible and History: From Eve to Present Era

MLD 1122 Ministering in Pastoral Contexts

MLD 1124 Generating Sustainable Income                                          

MLD 1125 Leading Like Christ: Transforming Christian Leadership

MLD 1126 Leading African Woman in Contemporary Society

MLD 1241 Transforming Communities through Holistic Engagement

MLD 1244 Planting Churches in Hostile Contexts

MLD 2122 Resolving and Managing Conflicts

MLD 2123 Promoting Unity in Ministry: Equal Opportunity for Leadership Development

MLD 2125 Financial Systems and Managing Savings

MLD 2242 Mentoring Youth to Create a Career

MLD 2243 Planting and Nurturing Enduring Churches

MLD 2244 Built on the Rock: The Spiritual Dynamics of Building a Strong Church

MLD 3123 Life of the Pastor

MLD 3125 Resolving Poverty and Divisive Ethnicity

MLD 3242 Developing Communities and Managing Projects

MLD 3245 Healed to Proclaim and Restore: Building Towards Personal Restoration

MLD 3246 Leading and Administering God’s People and Resources  

MPR 1123 Building a Community of Hope on the Basis of God’s Holiness  

MPR 1241 Preaching through the Bible

MPR 2120 Leading Public Worship

MPR 2121 Preaching for Morality

MPR 2122 Pastoral Preaching

MPR 2123 Preaching God’s Message in a Chaotic Society

MPR 2124 Preaching for Restoration

MPR 2125 Celebrating Life, God’s Justice, Wisdom and Love (Wisdom Literature)

MPR 3121 Preaching the Global Message (NT History)

MPR 3122 Preaching Truth, Hope and Grace in Community

MPR 3123 Preaching the Christian Life in the Face of Heresies and False Teachers

MPR 3124 Preaching Hope in Persecution

MPR 3126 Thematic Preaching