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STEP is an initiative matching mature Christians with veteran Entrust staff for commitments up to 1- to 2-years. STEP enables participants to explore God’s call on their lives and to gain hands-on ministry experience while carrying out meaningful service alongside experienced Entrust staff. Participants benefit from learning Entrust methodologies for raising up new generations of leaders and seeking God’s direction for their own involvement in longer-term ministry.


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Step 1. Complete the STEP interest form. At this STEP you are in no way obligated. This is the beginning of exploration between you, God and Entrust.

Step 2. We want to get to know you better with a brief interview. You’re still not obligated. At this stage, you’re further exploring how your gifts and passions line up with those of a veteran Entrust staff member.

Step 3. We want to develop a plan with you on where and how you will serve. You will be partnered with an Entrust staff member to discuss ideas and build a task description. We might explore multiple possibilities to determine the right fit.

Step 4. Once we have worked together with you to determine the best option, we will ask you to apply to become an Entrust staff member. This will include a background check and various assessments. Raise funds for and embark on a vision trip to ensure that the area and Entrust staff member are the right fit!

Step 5. Now that you have a story to tell, it’s time to start developing your prayer and financial support team.

Step 6. Visit the headquarters office in Colorado Springs for a pre-field orientation and to meet your admin support team.

Step 7. Once you reach full support, schedule a commissioning service with your home church.

Step 8. Arrive on the field for your term of fruitful service.

Step 9. Upon completion of your service, plan to visit the headquarters office to share what you have learned.

Step 10. God alone knows!

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Entrust exists to multiply leaders for multiplying churches. We come alongside local Christians who desire to grow in their church leadership skills, work with them to determine the greatest needs faced by the church in their cultural context and walk with them in developing contextual training materials. We then work side-by-side in implementing culturally-appropriate methods by which those materials can then be passed along locally, person to person, group to group, church to church, people group to people group, in ever expanding circles.

Our mandate to multiply includes reproducing ourselves as laborers in the harvest. Your involvement in STEP is key to fulfilling that mandate. God bless you as you pursue STEPping along with us.



What is Entrust?

Entrust is an historic organization, formed during the peak of the Cold War to take Bible training to men and women behind the Iron Curtain. Several groups came together, set up headquarters on the edge of the Communist Bloc countries in Vienna, Austria, developed contacts with courageous believers living in those countries and began over 30 years of clandestine ministry training.

Today, there is no Iron Curtain. The Cold War is history.

But Christians still need to grow in Christ after they come to saving faith in him. Sometimes, (and maybe you’ve even noticed this) it’s hard to know how to do that. And it’s hard to figure out what your spiritual gifts are and how God wants to use you in meaningful ways in his kingdom. Many churches have great programs to help new and not-so-new Christians grow, particularly churches in the west. But, just as many do not.

Entrust works with Christians in various cultures to figure out what following Jesus really looks like in those cultures and then discover what kinds of training will best lead to that kind of growth. We equip local Christians with skills to aid in their own spiritual growth and in the growth of ever-widening circles of people around them. We’re doing this in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


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