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Summary:  Equips pastors and church leaders to multiply foundational, contextualized tools and training for evangelism, discipleship and leading healthy churches. Uses best practices to train national leaders in becoming effective evangelists, pastors and disciple-makers. Partners with local leaders and cross-cultural workers to discern, adapt and create training systems. Diagnoses local culture and church needs to determine how to overcome local challenges to a biblical worldview. Entrust provides training in the needed cross-cultural skills, and a collaborative, supportive atmosphere to learn, troubleshoot and grow.

Reports to: To be determined

Commitment: Full-time

Location: Flexible, with preference for Asia, Eastern Europe or the Middle East.

Compensation: Raise own support


  • Diagnose local culture and church needs to determine how to overcome challenges to a biblical worldview.
  • Use existing training materials developed by Entrust and/or available from other sources when possible.
  • Refine existing materials and methods as cultural discoveries are made.
  • In collaboration with local leaders, develop new materials and methods in keeping with local learning styles and local church/cultural needs.


  • A training system will be established which can be reproduced with minimal need for outside support.


Professional Qualifications

  • Bible or educational degree.
  • Cross-cultural ministry experience.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Proven ability to work well on a team.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office software; interest and ability to learn other software as necessary.

Personal Qualities Desired

  • Heart to develop successful, transformative church leaders cross-culturally.
  • Willingness to raise personal support.
  • Flexible and adaptable to change.

Spiritual Qualities Desired

  • Growing Christian who is actively following Christ and active in a local church.
  • Consistent devotional life.
  • Ability to bring a spiritual perspective to his/her work as demonstrated in attitude, faithfulness and interpersonal relationships with others.
  • Teachable spirit and servant’s heart.


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