Prayer Bridge



In this month of new beginnings, pray for

Entrust staff (each one of us) completing annual self- and ministry-evaluations and planning, seeking God’s leading for the new year

Colorado Springs staff in the throes of sorting, packing, lining up new phone and internet service and more, in preparation for the move to a more efficient office space in the spring


Part 1 of a women’s intensive Discovery Bible Study module in Frisco, Texas, Jan. 21-24. Pray for spiritual protection and growth, group unity, God’s wisdom and discernment and for Joycelyn Seybold as she facilitates.


 new growth 

Click on the file below to download and print out the monthly Prayer Bridge. Keep it in your Bible or a prominent place to keep you in daily prayer for Entrust this month. Thank you!.   

2016 12 - Prayer Bridge
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2016 11 - Prayer Bridge
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2016 10 - Prayer Bridge
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2016 09 - Prayer Bridge
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2016 08 - Prayer Bridge
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2016 07 - Prayer Bridge
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2016 05 - Prayer Bridge
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2016 03 - Prayer Bridge
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2016 01 - Prayer Bridge
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