July 2017

Pray for:


July 15-22: God to draw hearts to himself at an evangelistic English camp in the Czech Republic organized by Jerry and Marilyn Farnik.


July 20-23: Excellent beginnings and deep learning for all participants in Discovery Bible Study (DBS) and Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL), Part 1, at Stonebriar Community Church in Texas, with Joycelyn S. and team.


July 26-29: Ministry strengthening for all at Jerry and Marilyn Farnik’s Entrust biblical counseling conference in the Czech Republic.

 globe July 30-Aug. 5: Growth in maturity, in ministry skills and in walks with Christ during WWMT training at Entrust’s mid-Atlantic hub in Baltimore with Entrust facilitators Trish Barrett, Sherry Bohn, Amber Simpson and Liz L.
 globe July 31-Aug. 4: Honest conversations and real grappling with truth during an evangelistic mountain adventure for youth in the Czech Republic, led by Jerry and Marilyn Farnik.
globe  July 26-Aug. 19: Wise discernment and good communication with cross cultural partners, working together to create contextual, interactive extension training in a restricted access country.



Click on the file below to download and print out the monthly Prayer Bridge. Keep it in your Bible or a prominent place to keep you in daily prayer for Entrust this month. Thank you!.   

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