May 2017

Pray for:


God to work through Entrust staff who are visiting, ministering and encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ, in Europe and the Middle East in the days following our global All-Staff Conference


Norma A., teaching oral story telling in Malaga, Spain, May 3-6


Human Resources Administrator Tim Covert, gaining recruitment inspiration at a mobilization ideation conference in Denver, May 18-19

 globe CEO David Goodman, taking part in a leadership development conference in Thailand, May 22-26
 globe Al and Mary G., beginning furlough in the U.S.
 globe Full funding to come in toward a matching grant for a project in Asia

Malaga, Spain Malaga, Spain


Click on the file below to download and print out the monthly Prayer Bridge. Keep it in your Bible or a prominent place to keep you in daily prayer for Entrust this month. Thank you!.   

2017 11 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 10 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 09 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 08 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 07 - Prayer Bridge
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2017 06 - Prayer Bridge
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