Multiplying Leaders for Multiplying Churches


Entrust started as a ministry in Europe in 1979, the result of a historic meeting in Vienna, Austria to discuss opportunities for training the next generation of Christian leaders in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

Key leaders from 20 Christian organizations and several nationals from Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania and Russia attended. After three days of discussion and prayer, a cooperative effort was launched. Biblical Education by Extension, International (BEE International), now Entrust, was formed. Its goal: to help national churches develop systematic training for their present and future leadership. Its method: ministry trainers would live in Austria and travel covertly in and out of Eastern Bloc countries and the Soviet Union, training church leaders in secret.

In the 1980s, four departments evolved: training, publishing, distribution and women's ministries.

After the fall of communism, Entrust modified some of its strategies and organization to match social, cultural and ecclesiastical developments. Residential schools, church-based training centers and publishing efforts grew out of the original extension-based education efforts. We continue to adapt curriculum to keep it culturally relevant and to address current needs.