Women-to-Women Ministry Training


Transformation leading to Multiplication

Encouraging, Equipping and Empowering Global Ministry Leaders



Once you have finished the four core modules, it is natural to ask, “What is next?”

We would love to have you join us!

Our desire is to equip women who will train other women who will continue to pass along the training they have received through our Entrust courses. We do this through certified facilitators. Our goal is to multiply leaders in order to equip and strengthen the local church in the U.S. and around the world. We invite you to be a part of this work that God is doing.


FAQ’s for Next Steps
Would you like to consider becoming a trainer of trainers (certified facilitator), equipping women throughout the world?

1.  What are WWMT certified facilitators?

A woman who wishes to facilitate at one of our hub locations must become a certified facilitator. In order to become a certified facilitator, one must take the four core modules. After completing all four WWMT modules, a participant who desires to teach at a WWMT hub (as opposed to in a local context) may apply to become a certified facilitator. She must co-facilitate (either locally or internationally) with a lead facilitator. The lead facilitator will then determine when the co-facilitator meets the WWMT evaluative process for certification and is ready to lead.


2.  Who can become a WWMT certified facilitator?

Those who advance to become certified facilitators show evidence of an established, mature, walk with Jesus Christ, a commitment to the local church, a desire to use their gifts to equip other women in the body of Christ, an availability of time and resources and a teachable spirit.


3.  What can a WWMT certified facilitator do?

Certified facilitators may be called to serve as lead facilitators for hub trainings up to several times a year (as able). All certified facilitators are eligible to raise the personal expenses necessary for service. Certified facilitators also have access to a web portal where they can share lesson plans and resources. Those who have earned certified facilitator status may submit prayer requests and participate in mentor workshops.

4.  What is a hub coordinator?

A hub coordinator assumes the responsibility of coordinating and delegating all aspects of a training hub. It is preferable that this individual has gone through the certification process herself. Her responsibilities include locating a training site, establishing training dates, determining the modules offered, scheduling WWMT certified facilitators for each training, coordinating key information with the Entrust office and training site and providing ongoing communication with participants about the logistics of the training experience. It is a position that requires some degree of administrative ability.

 What next?

So Now What?
If you have completed all four modules, and you would like to begin the certified facilitator track, please email your hub coordinator for the application.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit your completed application.

  2. Send a reference form to someone familiar with your local ministry such as your pastor or a Sunday school leader and to each of your lead facilitators from the Entrust modules you have taken. (Note that once your application is submitted, a link to an electronic reference form will be sent to you to forward to those who will do your references.)

  3. Once we receive and review your application and completed references, we will contact you.

  4. If you have any questions about becoming a certified facilitator, contact wwmt@entrust4.org.

We look forward to hearing from you!