How God used the people of Entrust in my life
Mircea Deteşan

Who did God use and what did they teach me about life with Christ?

First, I have learned the importance of “being before doing.” Yes, the character is more important than what we do for the work of the ministry.

Jerry Wells (center)
Jerry Wells (center)

People like Jerry Wells, who facilitated our small group Bible study for many years, was for me one of those people I trusted most, and that’s why he became a mentor to me. I could always ask him for any advice in any kind of situation I was facing, being confident I would get the best advice he would be able to give to me and sympathize with me. He was a model of sacrifice to work for investment in others, to multiply himself somehow into other people.

Tom Keppeler (right)
Tom Keppeler (right) traveling in Romania

Tom Keppeler was a visionary who started the process of his withdrawal [from Romania] and of the indigenizing of Entrust into Romania, under Romanian leadership and responsibility, years before it really happened. He didn’t just wait for the time he would end his work here, but he wanted to be sure that the “base” of Entrust ministry in Romania was well protected and in such a way that the work would go on after his departure.

Wendall Hollis and Mircea Detesan
Wendall and Mircea

Wendall Hollis became to me a friend from a distance, during the communist time. Though we didn’t meet each other for many years, knowing each other only by short letters/messages carried to us by the women ministry facilitators, he decided to “adopt” us as a family, by sending from Vienna, Austria, regular support of $50 twice a year. That was for us as a family an answer of the Lord, for my regular prayers to God to give us a sign of caring for our family’s main needs at that difficult time.

Wendall’s support and friendship from a distance, with that small amount joined always by a few words of encouragement, became the main reason to us of trusting the Lord’s provision, as long as we would be committed to the work of God’s glory. By knowing that and trusting the Lord for his faithfulness, soon after the Romanian revolution of December 1989, I decided to dedicate myself to full-time ministry, which I did in 1990.

To understand the context of that time is very important. I was working in mechanical engineering design, and $50 represented then about 80% of my monthly income. As I was regularly [prevented from receiving a bonus] or a raising of my monthly salary for the reason I was a minister in the church, that amount of $50 from Wendall about twice a year was of maximum importance, as a needed manna from heaven.

What shall I say? Time would not be enough to talk of so many examples of Entrust people, both men and women, and of their investment or their way of serving here in our country of Romania.