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Spreading hope in southern Spain

by Ester, Entrust, Land of Hope and Southern Europe Orality Project

Land of Hope/Tierra de Esperanza is being used by the Lord in ways we honestly did not expect or imagine. Since April, when Land of Hope was authorized by the government, we have

  • served 16 Ukrainian refugees who are learning Spanish. We bought them clothes, found them jobs and sent them to training to be able to find specific work.

  • taught 46 language learners; eight are learning Arabic, 23 are learning English and 15 are learning Spanish.

  • taught crafts and skills; 10 are studying crafts and 10 are learning sewing.

  • taught theater to 10 special needs children.

  • found jobs or sent to job training, 30 refugees

  • grown our volunteer group to five people.

Another practical outreach is underway in cooperation with the Swedish company, Ikea. Ikea gave us seven plots of land; 50 square meters each. They then gave us two more plots after they saw how well we did. These nine plots are to help people in need. We give one to each refugee family. We buy the seeds and plants, and they do the planting and cultivating. They keep 70% of their produce for their own needs and return 30% to us at Land of Hope, which we then give to people in need.

Soon, we will begin training believers around us — both nationals and foreigners — how to reach physically and sexually abused women and children, with the guidance of a member of Land of Hope who is a psychotherapist and certified in trauma care.

Please keep us in your prayers! We need workers to join us! If God is tugging on your heart to join this work, start by completing an interest form.

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