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Always ready to flex

Ági Székley, Entrust, Hungary

Editor’s note: Ági serves full-time with Entrust’s women’s ministry training branch. During the summer of 2020, she found herself thrown into new waters. She adapted quickly and saw God work.

On the 10th of August, I took a train from Budapest to Balatonfenyves, a little town on the shore of lake Balaton, Hungary's biggest holiday resort. I was on my way to the camp for Reformed Church pastors, organized by KIA, a subsidiary of Entrust. The goal of this annual camp is to provide fellowship, encouragement and rest for weary local pastors.

This was my first time to attend the camp, so I didn't really know what to expect. I had been asked to attend in order to build relationships and promote Entrust materials and trainings.

The first thing that happened when I arrived was Ibolya Taylor, one of the organizers, telling me that one of the children's workers couldn't come and asking if I could jump in. I haven’t had any previous experience with children’s work, but I said yes.

A team of seven ladies including me looked after the kids and prepared Bible teaching and cross-cultural ministry stories for the children. I could see that the kids were really interested in the teaching and seemed to absorb it well.

Of course, we played with them a lot, too. The lake was perfect to swim in. We spent Monday to Friday there and it went by so fast. Really great kids and parents.

On the last day, when I was saying goodbye, one of the older kids jumped up and hugged me! It was such a blessing.

I am grateful to the Lord for this experience.

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