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Refugee Ministry Intern – Southern Europe

We have an amazing ministry opportunity for someone who possesses some unique skills and passions. Maybe that someone is you! Do you have a heart for Arabic-speaking people, and especially for refugees and immigrants? Are you looking for a place to use your abilities to make a real difference in many lives while at the same time prayerfully exploring God’s calling on your life? Your internship would take place side-by-side with our multilingual Entrust staff person, a woman specializing in biblical storytelling designed for people from orality-based cultures. You’ll get to learn and practice this skill, engaging people in biblical, spiritual conversations while at the same time helping them with cultural adjustments and other tangible needs. It’s a life-changing opportunity, not only for you but for the many people you will serve. Start with an interest form and let’s see how God leads! This person raises their own financial support team.

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