East Africa

The East Africa HUB began offering Entrust courses December of 2017. It was started in response to the need for equipping mission workers, and their national colleagues from a variety of ministries that women from Tomball Bible Church were a part of not only in Kenya but also in other African countries. These include, but are not limited to: SIM ministries in Kenya, Sports Friends, Rift Valley Academy, African Gospel Church, and ASDM: African Strategic Discipleship Movement. We value, and have been enriched by, the diversity of women that attend these trainings from so many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Women quickly "find their place" and are welcomed into a unique learning environment resulting in spiritual growth, skill development, and deep friendships.


Limuru, Kenya


Brackenhurst Conference Center

Next Training:

June 5-12, 2021


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Ramonda Lunsford

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“It was amazing. I will use this daily with patients and staff to hear and understand their stories. I hope to practice using the tools we learned to draw others to living water from the well of Christ.”