In 2012, the first group of Barnabas International staff women completed all four WWMT modules and began to dream about starting a new training hub somewhere in the world. As we looked around the world, we saw that there was no Entrust WWMT training was being taught in SE Asia. That coupled with the fact that we had several Barnabas colleagues living in Chiang Mai, Thailand who could provide ground support, Chiang Mai became the logical choice for establishing a new training hub. We named ourselves Equipping Women International (EWI). We administrate this hub as a partner with Entrust WWMT. As we grew and more modules were added on every year, it became necessary to request help from the WWMT team to come and facilitate alongside the EWI staff. Now that we have graduated several women from EWI Thailand Hub who are working toward becoming certified facilitators, we will soon be able to stand on our own with a full Equipping Women Int'l facilitation team. Expat global servants and national ministry staff from across Asia and beyond attend the English language, 8-day intensive, Chiang Mai Hub. Women have come from Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, South Africa, Kenya, Russia, Macedonia, Indonesia and many other Asian countries, giving EWI-Thailand a truly international flavor.


Chiang Mai, Thailand


The Horizon Village Resort

The Horizon Village Resort, a beautiful 4.5 star resort with many fantastic amenities situated in a peaceful botanical garden. See

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Oct. 29 - Nov. 7, 2019

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Debbie Lamp

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"As always, it's incredible how personally God meets each women here...that the 'content' part, although so rich and valuable, is but a vehicle to how He works in our lives. The relationships, the going always amazes me how those "tools" are used by the Holy Spirit to work in us mightily."





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