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Rachel Wilson and participants in Ethiopia

A Stretching Experience

Rachel Wilson, who serves with SIM in Ethiopia, traveled all the way from Ethiopia to Switzerland in March 2016 to gain the skills featured in Entrust’s Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL) module. In December, she was invited to southern Ethiopia to pass those skills along to Sunday School teachers and other church workers. Her report is beautiful.

“My trip to Saula, Ethiopia, was a stretching experience. I learned a lot about myself, what is it is like to be the only white person (ferenji).

“The 20 ladies in the training ranged from ages 13 to 38 and they were amazing. I loved hanging out with them during break times, singing songs in Amharic or Gofa (the local dialect). They had great discussion times and asked really good open questions when they did their practice facilitations.

“Please pray for these ladies as they take FRL back to their homes and churches. Pray for the courage to do something different and that it will be accepted and others will want to follow their suit.”

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