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Love for my East African sisters

by Corrie McCann

I can still hear the earnest prayers about the unrest in her increasingly divided country. I see the tears of another woman as she shares the challenges her family faces while serving in a neighboring East African country, coupled with her resolve that this is what God has called her family to do. I see the wide smile and victory dance as one of the women celebrates how well she had facilitated her discipleship lesson. I hear the cheers erupt as another sister in Christ points out that in heaven, our spiritual inheritance will go to women as well as to men. Their stories, their faith, their hunger to grow as Christ-followers wove their way into my heart. God gave me a love for these East African women almost immediately.


This is the first year (2019) we’ve had some of the African ladies facilitating with us in the modules. It was so helpful to have their input and loving presence. At the end of our week together, we had a time of strategic planning, where representatives from each country shared how they have multiplied since their last training, and their hopes for multiplication in 2020. These women are already sharing what they learned to raise up new leaders!

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