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Nearly 500 women are growing in Christ in the church’s small groups

Multiplying in the United States

Church at Charlotte

After Melissa Myers, director of women’s ministries at The Church at Charlotte, tasted Developing a Discerning Heart (DDH), she knew she wanted more. She saw it in action during a trip to Ethiopia, then later traveled to Colorado to take an intensive version of the module.

“As I’ve said many times,” Melissa smiles, “DDH changed everything.” God worked in Melissa’s own life through DDH. He changed her perspective on how she counsels women. And he brought her into contact with a package of ministry training tools which are permeating her church.

Entrust training has had “a HUGE impact on the way we run small groups. We moved from a ‘leader’ model to a ‘facilitator’ model. Every small group facilitator has been trained in facilitating, not teaching. We’ve trained them in completing the Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL) ‘safety exercise’ at the start of each study, on using launch questions (huge impact on how our discussions are going), on adult learning styles, open-ended questions, breaking down large groups into smaller groups for discussion. We also have done a LOT of training on preparing objectives for their small groups, including doing some inductive Bible study.”

The women’s ministries staff at The Church at Charlotte writes its own Bible study curriculum. Melissa says the principles from FRL, along with her added learning from Entrust’s Discovery Bible Study (DBS) training, have influenced their writing process tremendously, “in the way we ask questions and also in the way we format the study. I think this is especially seen in the huge growth in the number of women who are attending our studies this semester. We now have 495 women in weekly studies.”

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