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Reflections on 2016 Training in Thailand

by Tricia Lambert

Women came from seven countries in southeast Asia and one from Kenya. The camaraderie of the group from last year brought many back this year. They didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be with these like-minded women again.

One of the participants commented, “I was skeptical at first about using the open-ended questions I learned about in Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL) in an Asian context where everyone waits for the ‘teacher’ to teach. But when I started using open-ended questions during a weekly teen Bible study that I teach, it really got the kids involved. It took some time, but they are now coming with an air of excitement rather than boredom. I also use open-ended questions during our evangelistic 15-minute Bible studies during English club. They’ve started to ask me questions back, and it helps me to know what they’re thinking and where they’re at.”

The women taking Developing a Discerning Heart (DDH) shared how it helped them think through their beliefs. They saw a ready transfer to helping other women think through their desires, goals, beliefs, choices and more.

Each one took newly-developed and well-practiced skills back to their places of ministry. The multiplication will continue.


Tricia Lambert is Entrust’s curriculum director and a WWMT facilitator. She facilitated DDH in Thailand at the fall 2016 session. One of her favorite pieces of music is the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah.

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