336 people mentored

Man reading BibleTHE STORY OF ONE
Joseph Cariceni is a Baptist pastor in the Turkish region of Moldova. Our Entrust staff has mentored Joseph in many ways, including teaching him in our advanced training program, coming alongside him with multiple visits to his church, co-facilitating a course with him when he lacked confidence to facilitate on his own and rejoicing with him as he and a deacon he trained are now equipping a new generation of young men in ministry.
– Harvey Newton, Entrust Moldova



courses/ongoing training   160

“The emphasis on the word of God being a daily nourishment has encouraged me to know my Saviour in a deeper way every day! It can be hard to form new habits and priorities, but I’ve been challenged to read his word and taste the life and joy that comes with that time with him!”
Walking with Christ participant in St. Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba 



1,730 people served through courses/ongoing trainings

Rudo is a More than a Mile Deep student in an African country where Christian ministry is difficult and often repressed. As part of an assignment for the course Planting Enduring Churches, she and four students planted a church in an area dominated by African traditional worship and people who do not believe the Bible. The church, only nine months old, already has its own leader and an attendance above 100 people. Praise God!



second-generation trainers  380

woman reading BibleTHE JOURNEY OF ONE
Gaileen serves in full-time ministry in the Caribbean. She received Women-to-Women Ministry Training from Entrust and began facilitating WWMT’s Developing a Discerning Heart and Facilitating Relational Learning where she lives. As participants “got it,” she encouraged them to train others. “We have progressed to the point,” she reports, “that now we have lay women leaders in our churches across the country who have facilitated both DDH and FRL.” Gaileen is a second-generation trainer who is equipping third- and fourth-generation learners and trainers.



104  workshops and conferences

Faculty from Bible schools in a restricted-access nation are writing all-new ministry training curriculum, contextualized to peoples’ needs in specific regions of their country. One writers’ workshop “consistently helped us to think critically, evaluating our practices and drawing [out] areas where we needed to improve,” a participant said. Another participant valued the opportunity to work on “transformative design” while developing training materials. Another summarized, “This has completely changed the way we think about our courses!”



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