The purpose of the Donor Relations office is to work with Entrust leadership and donors to seek the necessary resources to fund identified training projects and to raise necessary operational funds to support that training. We do this by:  

  1. Ministering to donors by matching the passion God has placed on their hearts to the programs God has given Entrust.
  2. Encouraging donors with stewardship reports of how God is working, especially in areas where they have invested funds.
  3. Being sensitive to respond appropriately to the people God brings to Entrust, either in a potential donor capacity or partnership capacity.
  4. Submitting proposals as appropriate.

Entrust espouses a Christian philosophy on fundraising which is centered on building relationships. Making relationships paramount in the fundraising process illustrates the belief that all things are from God. We believe God will provide, and that God is the one who prompts hearts to give, not us. Our goal is to encourage individuals and foundations to support Entrust and its mission with their time, talents and treasure, through relationship building, prayer and a sincere concern for the individual.

To learn more about the Christian philosophy on fundraising, please read the articles listed below.

Characteristics of Development by Rich Haynie.  Rich Haynie provides an easy-to-understand chart on the differences between the contemporary model for fundraising and the biblical model for fundraising.

Revolution in Generosity Sampler by Wesley K. Wilmer, Ph.D. This excerpt from Revolution in Generosity discusses Christian generosity and how it relates to the Christian worldview.

The Road Less Traveled by Rich Haynie. Rich Haynie expertly illustrates the differences in motivations between secular and Christian fundraising. 

How God is Working Through Entrust Around the World. Have you wondered what God is doing in and through our staff on a global scale? This resource aids in visualizing our work worldwide, and is a helpful took in sharing Entrust with others.