Giving Tuesday 

Giving Tuesday 


Urgent needs 

Urgent needs - a gift in any amount to be used wherever needed most

$Your choice = advancing the multiplication of leaders for multiplying churches



13th gift

13th gift  - one extra month’s donation, or a special year-end gift, for the staff member of your choice

$one extra gift for the year or a special gift of any amount = increased ministry opportunities for your Entrust staff member



Church leader training, Malawi
provide grassroots ministry training for leaders lacking access to seminary, organized and administered by More than a Mile Deep (MMD), Entrust’s ministry training partner in Africa

$100 = one 3-day workshop for one church leader
Target need: $9,500 (four 3-day workshops for 24 leaders)




Contextualized curriculum development, restricted access country
offer writers’ workshops for Bible school faculty who are creating locally-contextualized training materials for pastors, church leaders and evangelists

$60 = one 3-day writers’ workshop for one Bible school faculty member
Target need: $4,000 (cost of one 3-day writers’ workshop for a team of contextualized curriculum writers)




Women’s ministry training, U.S. or overseas
encourage and equip women seeking to further church ministry skills through Women-to-Women Ministry Training (WWMT)

$300 = one woman growing in church ministry skills
Target need: $6,000 (20 half-scholarships to WWMT modules; recipients commit to covering the other half)



Refugee Bible Institute, Middle East
educate future pastors and church leaders in theology and practical ministry at Entrust’s Refugee Bible Institute in a closed access region in the Middle East

$150 = one student gains one week of ministry training
Target need: $2,100 (one week of Bible training for 14 students)




Bible storying instruction, restricted access people group
- equip new converts with culturally-relevant and biblically-sound ability to share scripture with unbelievers

$50 = furthering the spread of the gospel among a vastly unreached people group
Target need: $2,500 (50 Bible storying training opportunities)




Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL), Spain
invest in Spanish and Castilian-speakers’ growth in ministry through one of Entrust’s newest ministry training locations

$200 = Spanish and Castilian speakers gaining access to Entrust’s foundational small group leadership training, Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL)
Target need: $6,000 (translating FRL into Spanish and editing into Castilian)