Giving Tuesday




Thank You for Giving Tuesday



  2018 Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday 2018

Any amountAny amount - a financial gift of your choice to be used wherever needed most

Any amount = advance the multiplication of leaders for multiplying churches


13th gift13th gift - one extra month’s donation OR a special year-end gift for the staff member(s) of your choice

13th gift in amount you currently give OR a special year-end gift = increase ministry opportunities for your Entrust staff member(s)


Equip Asians$125equip speakers of an Asian language with teaching tools
Refine the ministry abilities of Asians with teaching tools enabling them to pass along Entrust’s foundational training module, Facilitating Relational Learning

Total need: $2,000 for translating teaching tools into this language


Smuggle Bibles$10transport a Bible via pack mule into a restricted access country
Smuggle one Bible to a person without access to God’s word in the local language

Total need: $2,000 for each mule trip carrying 200 Bibles


Women's ministry$300 - Women’s ministry training scholarships, U.S. or overseas
Strengthen one woman’s church ministry skills through a Women-to-Women Ministry Training module

Total need: $6,000 for 20 half-scholarships; scholarship recipients commit to pay half


$100Provide curriculumprovide curriculum for Spanish and Castilian speakers
Equip Spanish and Castilian speakers with training tools to further enable them to equip their own people in church ministry skills

Total need: $2,000 for ongoing module and teaching tool translation


Empower new converts$50 - empower new converts with culturally-relevant and biblically-sound ability to share scripture with unbelievers
Provide Bible storying instruction for an oral culture, restricted access people group

Target need: $2,500 for 50 Bible storying training opportunities