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STEP is an opportunity to step in, to explore Christian ministry at home or overseas. STEP interns of all ages spend anywhere from two months to two years immersed in meaningful service alongside a veteran Entrust partner.


You will gain practical, hands-on ministry experience while exploring God’s call for your life. 

Entrust works with Christians in cultures around the world to discover what it looks like to follow Jesus within their culture, and then to determine what kinds of training will best lead to that kind of growth. We equip local Christians to train, help and impact the people around them. We’re doing this in North and Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

"Explore God's Call on Your Life"

"Hear Emily's Story"




Overseas and U.S. 2-month to 2-year internship opportunities
(require raising financial support; support-raising guidance and training provided)


  • Southern Africa

  • South Asia

  • Middle East

  • Southern, Eastern, and Central Europe

  • North America


  • Summer camps serving pastors and their families

  • Summer camps teaching English among seekers

  • Church planting among an unreached people group 

  • Relational evangelism and discipleship of new believers

  • Leadership training

  • Oral storying among refugees and immigrants

  • Tutoring Bible college students

  • Teach or study abroad in English-speaking colleges/seminaries

  • Women’s ministry training in the U.S. and abroad 

  • Communications and administration

  • Video filming and editing

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