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Facilitating a Psalm online

by Corrie M., Entrust, WWMT International director

NOTE:  Here is a suggested plan for facilitating a Psalm online. In the text, you’ll find mention of a feature on Zoom. Feel free to adjust according  to whatever platform you might use.

Psalm 131

Intro: In a matter of weeks, our world has turned upside down. Most of us probably never even knew about social distancing or flattening the curve. We’ve read about historical pandemics, but most of us have never lived through one. How  do we not only rise above the hysteria around us, but be a source of  hope and calm for others? I think Psalm 131 gives us some indicators. Turn there in your Bible now, but before we read it, I’d like you take a look at some of the imagery from this Psalm.

(Show picture)

What are some words you would use to describe this baby’s state of trust for her mother?

How do you think that trust was formed?

In our time together, we are  going to reflect on how we can have a similar trust in our heavenly  Father. Let’s read the Psalm aloud.

(Ask one person to read the Psalm aloud.)

In v. 1, David claims that he  is not proud because he doesn’t concern himself with things too great  for him. What might have been some of those matters that David had in  mind?

In our current world situation, what might be some examples of matters that are too great for us?

David says instead of concerning himself with that which is beyond him, he quiets himself like a weaned child. For those of you who are mothers or have observed mothers, what is the process to wean a child from breast milk to real  food?

How might quieting our souls make us similar to a weaned child?

Our final verse exhorts us to  put hope in the Lord now and forever. You don’t have to speak this  aloud, but reflect for a moment on some of the places you have been  tempted to put your hope recently. It may be in a cure, in your loved ones being OK, in the president. What is it for you?

One of the ways we can quiet  our souls in this season is to speak statements of truth to ourselves. Using the chat feature (which is on the bottom bar of Zoom), write some declarations of truth that we can use to quiet ourselves and others, as  we hope in the Lord.

(Allow some time for people to write statements.)

Review those statements. What are some common themes you see? I encourage you to commit to meditating on one of these truths in the coming week.

I want to close our time with a moment of silent prayer to confess any false hopes you tend towards and  to reaffirm your hope in the Lord. In a minute or two, I will close us in prayer.

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