Coffee with the Gorees 

Chris and Laurie Goree are in Colorado Springs and settling into their roles with Entrust. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and join us as we get to know our newest president and his wife. 

How did you find out about Entrust? 

Through Gail Seidel. Gail and Andy Seidel lived in Austria and worked with Entrust in several countries. Gail served with Entrust women’s ministry training in several capacities. After their return to the U.S., Andy taught at Dallas Theological Seminary, and is chairman of Entrust’s board of directors. Gail mentored Laurie for many years, and she connected us to Entrust. 

What drew you to this ministry? 

The emphasis on 2 Timothy 2:2. We love all kinds of ministry, but are called to invest in and develop leaders who are eager to learn and then to invest in others. We were excited to find a ministry with that as a focus. 

Chris, what invigorates you as you think about working alongside CEO David Goodman and COO Mark Huffman? 

There is lots of ministry work to be done! As president, I look forward to using my gifts, skills, and experience to help lead Entrust into continued effective areas of ministry and new areas of multiplying leaders for multiplying churches. 

Laurie, as an organizational strategist, how do you see your role serving the vision and mission of Entrust? 

As an organizational strategist, I am eager to come alongside Chris in developing strategies to help Entrust continue to grow in effectiveness and impact in North America and around the world. 

What do you see as great opportunities, and maybe great challenges, facing Entrust? 

The opportunities and challenges coincide! As Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” The global needs for leadership development and training are significant, so that provides a lot of great opportunities for Entrust. At the same time, this creates lots of work to be done, so we need to continue to find ways to effectively invite more staff, volunteers, churches and other organizations to partner with us in ministry. 

How many children do you have and where are they in life? 

We have two adult married children. Our son Daniel and his wife Chynna live in Dallas. Daniel is a software engineer for AT&T, and Chynna is an advancement fellow for Act, a Christian nonprofit that works toward neighborhood renewal. Our daughter Anna and her husband live in Oklahoma City. She is a corporate recruiting coordinator for Love’s, and her husband Nathan is a business intelligence analyst for Kimray. They are all committed believers. 

What is something fun, crazy or unusual you’d like us to know about you? 

Ha -- that Chris is the crazy and fun one! Laurie is amusing in her seriousness.  

Laurie, do your first and last name rhyme, as it appears might be the case in writing? Can you give us a pronunciation guide for your name? 

Nope – thanks for asking! My first name rhymes with “starry” and our last name would rhyme with the word “story,” except the emphasis is on the second syllable. 

How might we be praying for you? 

Please pray for wisdom as we learn about the ministry and discern how to most effectively serve, lead and love the Entrust staff well.