Multiplying Leaders for Multiplying Churches


The world is facing a famine of Christian leadership.

3.2 million pastors and leaders lack adequate training.

   Entrust's training resources will equip you to develop new leaders.

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program will
connect you with kingdom servants
from around the world

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Christian ministries and seminaries talk about contextualizing leadership training.

But how many actually do it?

Not just mentorship … friendship

Sarah and Seth Martens are active members of St. Pierre Bible Fellowship in St. Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba. They participated in Entrust’s ministry training module Facilitating Relational Learning in Manitoba in November 2020.

Two new churches are born

Planting and Nurturing Enduring Churches. Who’s ever heard of, let alone taken, let alone successfully completed, a course with a title like that? Two students taking part in More than a Mile Deep* training in Zimbabwe took this course and not only successfully completed it, but actually planted two churches in the process.

Deep learning, wide applications

More than a Mile Deep (MMD) in Moçambique celebrated the greatest milestone of its existence on October 5, 2019. Ten students graduated from a discipleship program with a fully accredited bachelor’s in theology (B.Th.) degree.

Integrated church: powerful testimony

On a pleasant September afternoon, my wife Lynn and I waited in an empty, worn-out train station in a small village. God was about to answer another prayer. Since arriving in Serbia, we had been praying for God to lead us to the people and churches he wanted us to serve.

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