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Real-Time Ministry Connection

Thursday, May 19

9:00 AM Mountain Standard Time

Join 15 minutes early (8:45 AM) for a time to chat with your colleagues!

Join us on Zoom to hear the latest from several of our Entrust colleagues from around the world. You'll hear about their current ministries and prayer concerns, and will have the opportunity to ask them questions.

Our May Real-Time Ministry Connection features colleagues who minister with the Asia contextualized training team.

This event is hosted by the Leadership Team. See below for schedule details and guidelines.


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Alan, Colorado

Director, Asia contextualized training team

Alan started his career with Campus Crusade as a magician's assistant which ultimately led directly to him joining BEE staff in 1984. How, you ask? Touring for three years around the world, Alan got to visit 47 states and eight countries including lndia. lndia captured his attention and so, after his stint with Andre Kole, he returned to lndia. For six months he got to work with many pastors on a weekly basis. This ultimately led to his calling to come alongside pastors overseas to provide encouragement, training and resources.

After attending Campus Crusade's seminary, God led Alan to answer that calling by joining BEE International in Vienna in 1984. He moved to Budapest, Hungary in 1985, lived with a Hungarian family and eventually became the Hungarian team leader.

Highlights of his time in Hungary included seeing communism fall, helping the Baptists start a new school, introducing Walk thru the Bible by teaching 17 Old Testament seminars in Hungarian and training Hungarians to lead seminars. He valued working with such a dedicated group of BEE teammates, and of course, coming alongside many pastors and lay leaders over the years and seeing several of them develop into national leaders.

Alan left Hungary in 1999 to complete his PhD at Fuller School of World Mission in cross-cultural leadership development, having done his field research in Hungary. In 2006, Fuller asked him to teach doctoral students in missions, specializing in field research and cultural studies. Then in 2007, Alan came back to work with Entrust to help in the development of new fields of service as Entrust was expanding outside of Europe.

Alan now serves on the executive and leadership teams as well as directs the ministry in India. In 2016, the accrediting body for evangelical Bible schools in India (Asia Theological Association) asked the India team to partner with them to help them help schools in India become more contextually relevant to their country's culture and to introduce more adult learning techniques into their training.


Prayer requests

  • Please pray for us and our partners in lndia (Paul and Shaiju) as they connect to school principals and others to continue to help them improve their curriculum and courses. Pray too as they make contact with some key women who may be interested in a women's movement in the country.

  • Pray for God's guidance as to future work now that I am reducing my involvement at Fuller.

  • Pray for me as I provide guidance to my local church as they want to start a church-based Bible school. 


2021 08 Carol Crom.jpg

Carol, Colorado

Director of donor relations and member of Asia contextualized training team

I was born and grew up in Iowa as the youngest of five children. My second oldest brother passed away a year ago in April, the other two brothers live in Omaha, Nebraska. My sister lives in Alabama.


I was living in Slovakia in 2005 when I realized my place was no longer with the ministry where I had been for nearly 15 years, helping start seven Christian publishing houses in Russia and six former communist countries where we had been delivering books “unofficially.” Roger Gulick suggested I apply to Entrust as “we need people in that part of the world who do what you do.” I joined Entrust in 2005 as part of the communications team with Gae. I wrote newsletter articles, visited training locations in 17 countries, interviewed over 200 students, took photographs, started our Facebook page and more.


In 2012, David Goodman asked me to pray about coordinating fundraising for the organization and projects. I said yes with two requests: 1) Could I have an assistant (part of the earlier fundraising burnout was being responsible for doing everything)? and 2) Could I still be a part of the lndia team? Thankfully, the answer was yes to both of those requests.


I became donor relations director in 2012. Donor relations coordinates fundraising for the organization and projects which request donor relations' help to resource their activities. This includes foundations, individuals, campaigns (Giving Tuesday, AmazonSmile, Kroger Community Rewards, Facebook donations), sending requests, reports, thank yous. We update information for charity rating organizations (Charity Navigator, Intelligent Philanthropy) to ensure transparency in reporting and a good efficiency score. My assistant is Bill Azbell.


As a member of the Asia contextualized training effort, and before COVID, I traveled to lndia at least twice a year. Since COVID, we meet with people over Zoom. I am on the curriculum team for our writers’ workshops to help pastors and church leaders write non-formal contextualized, interactive courses for issues facing their churches. In 2016, we began to do this with faculty writers at Bible colleges and seminaries.

Since the beginning, whenever we’ve asked, “What are training needs for the church in lndia?” a top request has been for training women. There is one group of 20-25 women with whom we meet every trip. Mary Ginter, Barb Allen, Lynn Blase and Lydia Floren have joined us.


About me: I love photography (wanted to be an artist growing up), travel (48 countries) and stories (both hearing and telling). 

Prayer requests

  • Grace and good communication as the transition to outsourcing of the accounting and financial reporting continues. It’s “all hands on deck” in the Colorado Springs office to cover various tasks (answering phones, opening mail, getting supplies and so on).

  • Wisdom in planning interaction (both online and in-person) with faculty of the ATA schools already developing new curriculum. Several others are interested, some in areas experiencing great growth of the church despite increasing hostility to the gospel. COVID continues to affect travel restrictions which adds another level of complexity.

  • Favorable responses to new proposals and letters of intent which have been sent or will be soon on behalf of projects and overall operational income.


8:45 to 9:00 AM MT

Meet with Colleagues

9:00 to 9:45 AM MT

Ministry Updates

9:45 to 10:00 AM MT

Prayer Time

10:00 to 10:30 AM MT

Optional Q&A

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