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Real-Time Ministry Connection

Thursday, April 20

9:00 AM Mountain Time

Join 15 minutes early (8:45 AM) for a time to chat with your colleagues!

Join us on Zoom to hear the latest from several of our Entrust colleagues from around the world. You'll hear about their current ministries and prayer concerns, and will have the opportunity to ask them questions.

Our Real-Time Ministry Connection features colleagues from around the world.

See below for schedule details and guidelines.


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Brian Eby,

Entrust staff counselor; EBE Romania and BIG Impact Romania,
instructor in counseling ministries 

I came to faith through my stepmother at age 9. After the death of my birth mother when I was 4 years old, my father remarried when I was 6. My new stepmother had three children from her first marriage, (husband killed in a car accident), and my dad had three sons. Think Brady Bunch. After seven months of marriage, my father died in a boating accident. My godly stepmother decided to raise six kids and had the help of our home church.


I began serving with Entrust in about 2009. In addition to serving as an Entrust staff counselor, I assist in evaluating new Entrust staff. I teach about counseling with our partners in Romania. And, I am assistant professor of pastoral ministries with Evangelical Seminary of lndia.


I was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott as a mental health consultant for a 6-year term on a board with the longest name ever. It’s the Advisory Committee to the Texas Board of Criminal Justice on Offenders with Mental and Medical Impairments. I am a so-called “expert.”


I live in Wichita Falls, Texas, with my wife, Bethlyn. Our adult children are Emily French, 31, Philip Eby, 29, and Claire Eby, 26.



Prayer requests

  • Asian Christian Academy/Evangelical Seminary of lndia: pray for effective discipleship and multiplication of students and future church leaders

  • Healing and growth of Entrust employees

  • Growth and maturity as a disciple of Christ  


Sherry Bohn,

Entrust Equipping Women facilitator

I was not raised in a Christian home. However, my dad wanted to sleep in on Sundays and so encouraged my mom to take us five children to Sunday School. I remember hearing about a personal faith when I was in 6th grade in a class with an 18-year-old Sunday School teacher. By the time I was 13, I was sure I wanted to be in full-time Christian work, but my dad was outraged by the idea. 


God has the last word, always. When I was 16, my dad had a Damascus-road type conversion to Christ. His life was deeply and radically changed. Within a few months I was going with him as he shared his new faith door-to-door with neighbors. The change in his life affirmed that a powerful God exists and is working in our lives. It also opened the door for me to go into full-time Christian work. In fact, my dad lamented that he couldn’t go first. 


We (my husband and I) were recruited by Bud Hinkson in the 1970s. BEE International wasn’t a sending organization yet, so we joined BEE through Cru. We arrived in Austria with Cru staff in 1979, but our commitment was to work with small groups of church leaders and pastors as the opportunities developed. In the early 1980s, with our newborn Laura, we lived in Romania, made contact with pastors and I quietly facilitated a women’s Bible study group. 


Now, I’m a lead facilitator with Entrust Equipping Women. I facilitate trainings, train and mentor facilitators and participants, help with curriculum and host Entrust events. 


I live in Prospect, Kentucky (near Louisville), and I have three grown children: Laura, Christopher and Ruth Ellen.  


A fascinating fact about me is that I got my quota of moving at an early age. My dad put in telephone systems and hated hotel rooms, so we as a family moved up to three times a year. My 4th grade teacher was my 12th teacher. I keep hoping I can slow down my life average of moves, but I’ve learned the Lord might not ever put me in a permanent place. As a result, though there are disadvantages to so many moves, it is easier for me to feel at home wherever I happen to be right now.

Prayer requests

  • For many years of health and clarity of thought to continue mentoring and training women with influence around the world 

  • For clear and powerful revision of the FRL manual 

  • That my children and grandchildren would know the depth of the Lord’s love for them and walk with him




Fuad N.,

Entrust Kurdistan

My family is part of an ancient Kurdish tribe in the Middle East; one that believes certain aspects of several religions. Our tribe believes that God never makes mistakes, so whatever tribe or faith you are born into, that is where you belong for your entire life. To try to change would be a great shame and a horrible thing to do against God. 

My father’s first wife died a few years before he met my mom. To this day, my mom’s face lights up when she talks about the day she met my dad, and how soon after that he asked for her hand in marriage.  

I was born in 1977. My dad died suddenly in his sleep when I was just three years old. I don’t really remember him though I have seen pictures and heard stories about him.  

I have many horrible memories of the war between ours and a neighboring country. We had to worry about bombs and move the place where school was held, alarm sirens were always going off and many people died. I remember watching a plane get shot down right behind my house when I was six.   

At age 18, I was drafted into the national army. I served for three years and it was a hard time for me. 

I met Nahid at a picnic. She’s from a neighboring nation, but all of our people love picnics where we can eat and dance all day. I noticed Nahid and we both sensed some kind of connection between us. I am very thankful God brought us together, and that he gave us our two daughters, Mery and Tabi. 

I met Jesus through a Christian man named Ashty who patiently answered my questions, prayed for me and encouraged me to pray. Soon I knew for sure that Jesus had answered my prayers and come to live in my heart which made me very, very happy.   


Then, as a driver for Christian school, I met American Christians. I attended meetings about Jesus and was amazed at all I learned. It was such a joy to find out that Jesus loved everyone and anyone who was willing could in fact be saved.  For so long I had heard that it was impossible for someone who was not born a Christian to choose to become one.  I shared all that I was learning with Nahid. In 2002 Nahid gave her heart to Jesus as well.   

In 2005, I started taking Entrust training classes because I wanted to learn about the Bible in a more structured way.  

I joined Entrust as a staff member in 2008. One of the most impactful activities of our ministry is the family camp, bringing believers together from many backgrounds, ethnicities and denominations. We have held trainings and conferences for pastors. We provide humanitarian aid for 36 village schools who often don’t have basic items like pens and notebooks, office equipment, whiteboards for classrooms or heating. 

The most recent area of growth in our ministry comes from construction of a high-quality soccer field on land near six villages settled by IDP and refugee families. Village teams and even the military have already played over 100 matches on the field, but the official dedication and league play won’t happen until the end of March/early April. Recently I traveled to the earthquake zone in a neighboring country as translator for a group bringing aid to Kurds in the area.   


Prayer requests

  • Pray for us to use the soccer field well and for God to be glorified and made known through it.  

  • Pray the annual re-registration of Entrust-Kurdistan would be approved soon. It gets more complicated each year. As an NGO, there are restrictions on how much we can evangelize. Pray for continued good partnerships with local churches who can evangelize easier. 

  • Pray for funding so we can hold family camp this year. So many people are begging to be allowed to be a part of it and say it has been of great benefit to them, their families and their churches.  

  • Praise for people affected by the recent large earthquake which registered 4.5 in the city where we live. Pray for those who have lost family, homes, jobs. Pray that all who feel anxious fearing another quake would have peace that God is with them. 




8:45 to 9:00 AM MT

Meet with Colleagues

9:00 to 9:45 AM MT

Ministry Updates

9:45 to 10:00 AM MT

Prayer Time

10:00 to 10:30 AM MT

Optional Q&A

Zoom Guidelines

Here are some guidelines to follow to ensure the best possible experience for all attendees.

  • Make sure your equipment is working well with Zoom. You can test your speakers and microphone, lighting and background by setting up in the location you intend to use and running a test Zoom call at: 

  • Make sure your full name is on your Zoom profile, or update it when you first enter the Zoom meeting.

  • MUTE your audio before entering the Zoom call. Unmute when you are ready to ask a question during Q & A.

  • Change to Speaker view (click View in the top-right corner, then select Speaker). Whoever is speaking will be in a large main screen, all others will be in small screens.

Click the button to join the Zoom call

The RTMC session will be recorded and made available for Entrust staff to view on the Staff Portal. If you do not want your face shown, simply turn off your computer's camera by clicking the video icon.

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