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Real Time Ministry Connection

Thursday, September 16

9:00 AM Mountain Standard Time

Join us on Zoom to hear the latest from several of our Entrust colleagues from around the world. You'll hear about their current ministries and prayer concerns, and will have the opportunity to ask them questions.

Our September Real Time Ministry Connection features three of our Entrust colleagues serving in Africa.

This event is hosted by the Leadership Team. See below for schedule details and guidelines.


Arthur Alard

Arthur grew up in Capetown, South Africa, while Olga grew up in Moscow. They met at Dallas Theological Seminary and married in 2007. Having served many years as a translator for Entrust’s women’s project in Moscow, Olga introduced Arthur to Entrust. They soon sensed God leading them to join Entrust as a couple.  

“In 2010, we packed our belongings and headed for South Africa not knowing exactly what God had in store for us,” Arthur recalls. “We served initially with MMD, then with Alathea Bible College in Siyabuswa.” In 2016, they joined the faculty of the International College of Bible and Missions in Johannesburg where Arthur serves as principal and faculty member and Olga serves as adjunct faculty. 

Their son, Pavel Arturovich (Russian for Paul, son of Arthur), 12, is affectionately known as Pasha.

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for our staff and student body for protection from the COVID-19 virus.

  2. Pray for the families of two ICBM alumni and one student who died this year from COVID-19.

  3. Pray for the ICBM curriculum development team busy developing the new BTh program.

  4. Pray for the successful accreditation application submission for the BTh degree in 2022.

  5. Pray for ICBM to raise the donations for the Student Information System, and the Learning Management System that is required as we apply for our accreditation with the CHE.

  6. Pray for ICBM to raise the donations needed to function while preparing for the accreditation process because we have a few students left that are being taught out of the current programs.

  7. Pray for the Alard family as we grieve the passing of my mother and father and Olga’s aunt over the past 17 months.

Steve Briix.jpg

Steve Briix

The Briix family moved to Johannesburg, South Africa in 2019 from Hillsdale, Michigan where Steve served as an associate pastor and the leader of Equip, a campus ministry, for 14 years. Steve is originally from the Oklahoma city area and Tanya from the Quad Cities, Illinois. They have four children, Charissa (14), Asher (12), Joey (9), and Theo (6). The Briix family enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming and rock climbing as a family. Tanya and the kids keep busy with homeschool while Steve serves as Academic Dean at the International College of Bible and Missions.

Tanya serves in a local homeschool co-op teaching writing. She also leads a Mama Bear Apologetics group that studies apologetics to help their kids be able to withstand the messages of the world.

Steve enjoys overseeing and training the faculty as well as teaching in the Biblical Studies Department. Outside his ministry at the college, he enjoys training local pastors and Christian leaders in how to understand, live, and teach the Bible more effectively. 

Prayer Requests

  1. For ICBM accreditation. We are working hard to get everything prepared. Pray for provision for what we need, wisdom to prepare correctly, and grace with the accreditation committee.

  2. For my dad. He has been struggling with his health for the past few months. Prior to that, he had been very healthy. Pray for him and for me as it is difficult not being there to help.

Maina Wilson (2).jpg

Wilson Maina

Wilson Maina earned a degree in land economics and worked in property management for several years prior to sensing God’s call to ministry. Having heard from God to prepare for ministry, he attended Bible college and graduated with an MA in leadership studies. During his time of study, he was involved in disciple-making training in his church, later playing a role in developing structures and curriculum for a leadership development program. He has “since realised that this was my preparation for my involvement in the much wider Global Mentorship Network,” he says.


GMN aims to “equip leaders, who can mentor other leaders to effect positive change in the church and society.” Wilson says GMN seeks a future in which well-trained leaders apply Christian values in all aspects of society and work, both secular and Christian.


Born in Kenya, GMN is slowly seeing some long-hoped-for expansion into Uganda and Nigeria. “We are certain that the western node will play a major role in preparing future leaders to operate in a region that is on the margins of” strong influence from a major world religion, Wilson says.


Wilson and his wife, Elizabeth, have three adult children.

Prayer Requests

  1. Global Mentorship network is looking for a full-time executive leader for the ministry.  Please pray they find the right person for the job and to find the funding to pay him.

  2. After the chaos of the pandemic there is a need for everyone to regroup and get going again.

  3.  Pray for the development of a curriculum to guide the discipleship process.

  4.  During the pandemic it felt like people were in survival mode.  Pray for renewal of passion for growth.


9:00 to 9:45 AM MT

Ministry Updates

9:45 to 10:00 AM MT

Prayer Time

10:00 to 10:30 AM MT

Optional Q&A

Zoom Guidelines

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  • Make sure your full name is on your Zoom profile, or update it when you first enter the Zoom meeting.

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