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Real-Time Ministry Connection

Thursday, November 17

9:00 AM Mountain Standard Time

Join 15 minutes early (8:45 AM) for a time to chat with your colleagues!

Join us on Zoom to hear the latest from several of our Entrust colleagues from around the world. You'll hear about their current ministries and prayer concerns, and will have the opportunity to ask them questions.

Our May Real-Time Ministry Connection features colleagues from around the world.

This event is hosted by the Leadership Team. See below for schedule details and guidelines.


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Bill Azbell,
human resources and donor relations

I grew up in Bradenton, Florida, on the Gulf Coast, but I’ve lived in quite a few other places including Texas, New Jersey, Scotland, Indiana and California. Sharon and I have been married for 25 years and have two children, Ben, 21, and Ashlyn, 17.


Sharon and I are both ordained pastors in the Presbyterian Church, having served for roughly 15 years in various congregational roles. Over the years, we developed a deep desire to be involved in missions and that path has led to a passion for building relationships with Muslims. We’re currently expressing that through our involvement in serving Afghan refugees in Colorado Springs, where Sharon serves as a refugee worker with United World Mission.


We moved to Colorado Springs, where Sharon grew up, in 2017. I began working at Entrust in August of 2020. I have two roles, donor relations associate and human resources coordinator, and I am involved in a number of supportive responsibilities on those teams. 



Prayer requests

  • Sharon’s ministry to refugees in Colorado Springs is going through some transition. Please pray for provision and wisdom as her team plans for 2023. 

  • Please pray for our children, Ben and Ashlyn, in their personal understanding of Jesus Christ and his call upon their lives. 

  • Please pray for my roles at Entrust as I take on some new responsibilities. 

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Trish Barrett,
mobilization team leader, Entrust Equipping Women

I joined Entrust around 2014 but took my first three-day FRL in 2008.  My earliest service was facilitating and in my first year or two I did that on three continents.  I also had a burden to start an East Coast hub in the Mid-Atlantic area.  That was turned over to Amber Simpson when I took on the role of European Equipping Women team leader.  I am now transitioning that role to A’gi Székely. My new role is Equipping Women mobilization team leader. 


I currently shepherd and support the teams working with Equipping Women in Europe, and I look for expansion opportunities there. I also serve on the Equipping Women leadership team, facilitate as part of the Philippines facilitation team, facilitate in my local church and am getting my feet wet with mobilization.   


I live in Baltimore, which has been my home off and on for over 20 years. I plan to move to a retirement community in Blacksburg, Virginia, when a spot in independent living becomes available. My sister, niece and nephew live in that area with their families.    


I love to read mysteries set in the late 1800s or early to middle 1900s.


Prayer requests

  • Pray for the proper timing of my move to Virginia and especially that I might find a new church there where I will be able to serve.

  • Ask God to bless the European team under Ági’s leadership.

  • Five Filipinas are in the process of finishing all four Equipping Women modules. I need wisdom about any shift in my role with the Philippines facilitation team.

  • Mobilization is still new to me, so pray for God to give me a team, creative ideas for recruiting younger women, and balance between Entrust ministry, my local church and my personal life.



Wenzler Diane.jpg

Diane Wenzler,

curriculum team

I am a native New Yorker, having grown up and lived in Queens for most of my life. I enjoy the diversity of this city, its rich cultural sites, its great restaurants and all the ethnicities and nationalities of the people who live here. Other than two counties in Hawaii, Queens is the most ethnically diverse county in the U.S. On the other hand, I am not so fond of the crowds, the dirt and never-ending search to find a parking space.


I became a believer through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ while a student at the University of Albany. I came to know the Entrust ministry back when it was BEE through a former Entrust staff person, Wendy Wilson, who was attending Dallas Theological Seminary at the same time I was.


Upon graduating from DTS, I was hired by a non-profit agency in NYC and I co-developed a training program for social service providers. We equipped these professionals to help vulnerable population groups, such as the low-income, elderly, immigrants and people with disabilities, to navigate government benefit systems to ensure their clients received access to needed benefits. I also had the opportunity to write a 3,000-plus-page manual on government benefits during my time there.   


It was in 2010 that Wendy invited me to participate in the four training modules to equip women leaders within the church. I completed the courses in approximately two years and I had the opportunity to facilitate a few of these courses, but was unable to continue due to time constraints. However, it was always my intent to become involved with Entrust and to serve on the women’s ministry team when I retired.


During the period of time before retirement, Trish Barrett kept in touch with me and whenever she had the opportunity to come to NYC, we visited. Upon learning that I had written and edited a government benefit manual, she asked about my interest in serving with Entrust as an editor on the curriculum team. I agreed and she put me in touch with Tricia Lambert, the curriculum director.


When I retired in April 2021, I put in my application with Entrust and by July was part of the curriculum team. Shortly after joining, I asked Tricia about the possibility of creating a new course, Developing a Biblical Worldview, and she agreed. I continue to work on this project while I also pursue certification as a facilitator for the four core training modules. Since it has been a number of years since I completed the courses, and there have been a number of revisions and administrative changes, we agreed it was best I went this route to learn the ropes properly.  


Prayer requests

  • For the research, study and writing of the Developing a Biblical Worldview workbook. Pray for perseverance, for God’s wisdom as to what to include/exclude, and for the Spirit’s leading in this work. 

  • That the work would glorify God and that theologically, what I write would be on target and move people’s hearts to truth. 

  • For the Discovery Bible Study module I will help facilitate in January, for the women as they prepare the lessons, that they would discover the joy of studying God’s word and his truths and what it means for their lives. And for the facilitators as we prepare for the lessons, that we would develop good questions to prompt thoughtful discussions. 

  • For a Bible study I am leading, the Life of Christ, which includes four unbelievers. Pray that the Spirit would work in their lives, that they would see Jesus and believe. For my sensitivity in leading and not trying to force them to see what I want them to see, but to leave God’s work in their hearts in his hands. And for the believers that they too, along with me, might see Jesus more clearly.




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