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Entrust invests in local Christian leaders in a variety of ways, including assisting theological faculties in developing training curricula and networking with like-minded ministries to develop training systems for various people groups.  

In addition, Entrust Equipping Women offers regional trainings for women of varied backgrounds. Find out more.  


Contextual Training

The Asia Contextual Training project partners with Bible schools and seminaries to train leaders for a rapidly growing church in Asia that is mature, engaged and relevant.

Entrust Equipping Women 

Entrust Equipping Women offers local and region-wide ministry trainings in Asia.


by Lisa Giller, New City Church, Charlotte, N.C.

I had no idea

In 2017, after years of growth as a Christian and involvement in ministry, I discovered something almost completely new to me. Here’s how I got there.

by Deborah Covert, Colorado Springs

Leadership workshop
develops a teen into a bold leader

I led Entrust’s Guiding Transformational Small Groups workshop for the small group leaders at my church in the fall of 2021. Among the attendees was one of the high school seniors from our youth group, Bri.

by Laurie Lind, Entrust staff writer

Not just mentorship … friendship

Sarah and Seth Martens are active members of St. Pierre Bible Fellowship in St. Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba. They participated in Entrust’s ministry training module Facilitating Relational Learning in Manitoba in November 2020.

by Tricia Lambert, Entrust curriculum director

Two years waiting

Two years ago, facilitators were putting final touches on their lesson plans; participants were busy finishing their prep work, packing their suitcases, readying to get on a plane when COVID hit, and at the last minute, the Colorado Springs Facilitating Relational Learning module had to be cancelled.

by Laurie Lind, Entrust staff writer

STEP internship: opportunity to learn and contribute

Kristin Anderson’s 2-month Entrust STEP internship at our home office in Colorado was a time of learning for her, and a time making valuable and lasting contributions to our ministry.

by Deborah Covert, Entrust executive assistant

FRL in action

I’ve watched the youth at our church go glassy-eyed during lectures. Lecture-based learning has been our church’s primary approach to teaching our young people.

by Ronda Knuth, Entrust curriculum writer

Why I love my job

The world is facing a famine of Christian leadership. 3.2 million pastors and leaders lack adequate training. Imagine attending a church where the pastor is chosen simply because he is the oldest person in the congregation. Or maybe the only one with a Bible. Or the only one who can read.

by Deborah Covert, Colorado

Teenagers and God’s goodness

Editor’s note. Entrust’s core modules provide principles to learn, practice and apply in all types of small groups. Entrust’s Deborah Covert used concepts from Facilitating Relational Learning with her church’s youth group (see previous article) and then, put ideas from Discovery Bible Study to work with that same group. Read on and be inspired.

Tomball Bible Church

Multiplying in the United States

“The women at Tomball Bible Church are on fire,” according to Joyceln S., Entrust Women-to-Women Ministry Training (WWMT) hub coordinator in Texas. Based on that glowing report, we contacted Jennifer Frey, Women’s Team co-leader at this church in a small town 30 miles outside of Houston...

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