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What is Entrust’s vision?

What is Entrust’s mission?

What does Entrust believe?

What does Entrust do?

Where does Entrust serve?

How does Entrust serve?

What opportunities exist for service with Entrust?

What else should I know as I consider serving with Entrust?

How do I start the process?

How can I get in touch with you?



globeWhat is Entrust’s vision?
To see multiplying leaders for multiplying churches.


globeWhat is Entrust’s mission?
To multiply church leaders through accessible, locally owned, reproducible training systems.


globeWhat does Entrust believe?
Read our Statement of Faith.


globeWhat does Entrust do?
Entrust exists to multiply leaders for multiplying churches. We come alongside local church leaders to determine their personal ministry needs and needs for ministry training in their culture. We work together to determine what is already available and how to develop further tools to assist in meeting in those needs, employing best practices in adult learning.


globeWhere does Entrust serve?
North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


peopleHow does Entrust serve?
Entrust aims to develop and provide learner-driven, lifestyle-driven and locally-driven church leadership training. We work with local pastors and leaders to determine church leadership needs specific to a given region/culture. We do this by asking good questions and listening well. We then assist leaders, often working with local writing teams, to develop contextualized curriculum if none is available. We also offer Entrust’s unique four ministry training courses at regional hubs on a regular basis. We offer continued training opportunities via resource churches in the U.S. Our work, by design, looks very different from place to place, context to context.

Read more about our distinctives and our values.


globeWhat opportunities exist for service with Entrust?

In the U.S or overseas:

  1. Train ministry leaders in church-based settings
  2. Train leaders in seminary/Bible school
  3.  Mentor local pastors/leaders
  4.  Assist in development of contextualized training curriculum
  5.  Equip women in ministry through Women-to-Women Ministry Training (WWMT)
  6.  Train Christians in nominally-literate cultures in oral storying
  7.  Meet immediate needs and train church leaders among refugees
  8.  Gain hands-on experience on a 1- to 2-year assignment through our Serving to Equip People (STEP) initiative or through a short-term internship
  9.  Support front-line efforts in areas including administration, finance, communication, donor relations and human resources

Read more about the opportunities:


globeWhat else should I know as I consider serving with Entrust?

  • You can make a difference in the world. As you serve alongside our seasoned staff, whose goal is to help national pastors and leaders establish their own, contextualized training aimed at bringing sustainable leadership and change to their communities, you don’t just “give them a fish,” you provide processes for local leaders to use, to fish more biblically and efficiently and to train future generations of fishermen.
  • You will work through God’s ordained vehicle in this world, the local church, impacting and equipping pastors and leaders so they can in turn equip their congregations to do the work of evangelism and discipling.
  • You can experience another culture and potentially learn a new language. You’ll come to see God, his word and his work among people in new ways. You’ll be challenged, stretched and strengthened in your own walk with God.
  • You can discover God’s calling on your life, determining if he has designed you to serve him cross-culturally and if so, where and how.


globeHow do I start the process?
Check out our Pathway into Service


globeHow can I get in touch with you?
Email us at hr@entrust4.org or call 719.622.1980