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Summary:  Holds overall strategic responsibility for catalytic care of the staff, programs, expansion, and execution of Entrust African initiatives, with primary emphasis on More than a Mile Deep (MMD) and including Global Mentorship Network (GM Network) and International College of Bible and Missions (ICBM). Nurture working relationships and develop comprehensive knowledge of field, core programs, operations and strategic plans. Represents Entrust’s fiduciary interests through obtaining ministry data and financial reporting from ministry partners, needed by Entrust’s development officer to satisfy Entrust stakeholders.

Reports to: CEO

Commitment: Full-time

Location: U.S. based

Compensation: Raise own support


  • Leverage Entrust’s position as founding partner and chief funder of Entrust partner MMD, to serve as trusted confidant, advisor and resource provider for MMD leadership.
  • Ensure maximum effectiveness in all MMD plans and processes through strength of relationship and personal influence.
  • Nurture and develop Entrust partner, Global Mentorship Network (GM), to refine and maximize its effectiveness and develop training processes for new countries.
  • Provide support and mentorship to Entrust staff serving at International College of Bible and Missions (ICBM).
  • Evaluate, recommend and nurture ongoing relationships with any existing or new partners of Entrust in Africa (henceforth referred to as “partners”).
  • Gather information for foundation proposals.
  • Provide guidance and assistance to partners in gathering information for fiscal accountability reports, enabling Entrust to communicate with donors and foundations.
  • Assure Entrust funders of the financial integrity and maximum effectiveness of their ministry investments.
  • Recruit volunteers and/or a council of management professionals to bring counsel and support to ministry partners as requested.
  • Research partner ministry effectiveness and collect stories in video and in print demonstrating the fruit of these partnerships.
  • Assist in making Entrust and partners’ materials and staff available to other Entrust partner programs worldwide.
  • Develop Entrust expertise and effectiveness worldwide by analyzing Entrust’s African experience and assisting with integration of that analysis with Entrust ministries elsewhere in the


  • Entrust will develop successful and expanding partnerships in Africa.
  • Donors will be confident in the integrity and results in Africa and remain fully supportive.
  • Entrust CEO and board of directors will be informed and supportive of the African partnerships.
  • Partnerships will be fully funded.


Professional Qualifications

  • Excellent leadership skills in an environment with limited authority.
  • Cross-cultural skills and experience (preferably in Africa).
  • Administrative skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Aptitude for computers.

Personal Qualities Desired

  • Visionary.
  • Self-motivated/self-starter.
  • Willing to raise personal support/expenses.
  • Ability to work with and organize people.
  • Flexible and adaptable to change.

Spiritual Qualities Desired

  • Growing Christian who is personally following Christ and active in a local church.
  • Consistent devotional life.
  • Ability to bring a spiritual perspective to work as demonstrated in attitude, faithfulness and interpersonal relationships with others.
  • Strong team spirit and teachable servant’s heart.


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