...entrust to reliable people... 2 Tim. 2:2


Prayer Bridge

 "...be alert and always keep
on praying for all the saints."
Ephesians 6:18


East Africa trainingNOVEMBER 29: WWMT training starts today in east Africa. Ask God to give the women "uncommon" unity and fellowship as they learn together, representing different tribes and nationalities. Ask God to break down barriers that would hinder hearing from him, help the women quickly relax in their room assignments and become inspired to pass on the learning she receives.


Middle East trainingNOVEMBER 5: Twenty-two women who serve God in difficult places in the Middle East are discovering new approaches to facilitating Bible learning for adults and a proven method of walking women through life's hurts, in a place where fruit for lunch is picked minutes before the meal. Pray for this training, continuing through Sunday.



Middle EastNOVEMBER 2: National and expatriate women serving God in restricted-access contexts will gather next week for Entrust training. Some have endured persecution. Others face potential hostility for their faith and ministry. Pray for each woman, for the six Entrust facilitators and for God’s will to be achieved in each life and ministry. 



ThailandOCTOBER 30: Women from 11 countries are in Thailand for training starting today, offered by Entrust partner Equipping Women International. Pray for hearts ready to hear and learn from God, for encouraging relationships between the women, for a powerful release of the Holy Spirit in their midst and for God’s protection over every aspect of this training.



Training in LatviaOCTOBER 12: Pray for the health of participants and facilitators, and pray for husbands and family members at home while women gather for WWMT training Oct. 12-14 and 19-21 in Riga, Latvia. Pray for growing trust and heart transformation and that each woman will catch God’s vision to pass along what she learns in her home, church and community.


BoardOCTOBER 11: Eleven wise, godly men and women, with worlds of experience in various fields, compose Entrust’s board of directors. Pray for God’s guidance in every discussion as they meet Friday and Saturday. Ask God to fill them “with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding.” (Col. 1:9)



MobilizingSEPTEMBER 27:  It’s ministry conference season at Christian schools and universities. Pray for excellent interactions between Entrust mobilizers and students this season, including, for example, at Moody Bible Institute Oct. 9-12. Ask God to lead us to people he’s already nudging to serve him full time.



Pray for SpainSEPTEMBER 5: Pray for the participants working hard this week, practicing and polishing their facilitation skills at a co-ed Facilitating Relational Learning intensive in Spain. Pray for comfort in the highly participatory setting, and for each one to learn, grow and gain confidence in shepherding small groups.

Te pedimos que ores por los participantes de nuestra clase El Facilitador de Aprendizaje Relacional que se está llevando a cabo en España. Ellos están practicando y afianzando sus habilidades para la facilitación de grupos pequeños. Ora para que se encuentren a gusto con la metodología de gran participación y para que cada uno de ellos aprenda, crezca y tenga una mayor confianza al facilitar.


Pray for writersAUGUST 30: Entrust is helping faculty of several Bible schools in a creative access country write new, contextually relevant courses for their extension students. Pray for the faculty who are outlining and writing courses, and for leaders of this effort at a working retreat today through Sept. 3, sharpening their ability to train national coaches and plan expansion of the project.


Mid-Atlantic HubAUGUST 4: Sixteen women are on their way to Marriottsville, Maryland, to dive into learning life-changing small group facilitation skills or how to develop increasingly discerning hearts. It’s Entrust’s mid-Atlantic hub training, tomorrow through Aug. 11. Pray for safe travel, clear communication, protection from distractions and deep, heart learning.



Arriving in AsiaJULY 25: Entrust staff members Rob and Carol arrive in Asia today! After persevering through the long haul of raising support, they land in their country of service today, fully funded and backed by prayer. Praise God! Pray for this faithful family as they settle in, learn the culture and begin to serve.



English camp in SlovkiaJULY 20: English camp in Slovakia started great. “We did a skit about King David and I taught a short application on having a heart like David’s. We broke into English classes, had lunch and afternoon games and sports.” However, after lunch Entrust staff member Dustin Combs developed severe stomach pain and either liver or pancreas inflammation and had to stay the night at the hospital. He hoped to be able to return to camp for the next night’s program. God is at work and the enemy doesn’t like it. Pray!


Dustin and Miriam CombsJULY 16: Pray for outreach English camp in Slovakia this week. Entrust staff member Dustin Combs says, “We have less Americans coming than usual. Pray for us to be relational, prayerful, reliant on God. Pray for the students to be open, attentive, receptive to the gospel, to feel loved by God and us, to see God as their treasure and how he treasures them.



WelcomeJUNE 19: School’s in session at Entrust’s home office. Nine new and potential staff members, ready to serve with Entrust in Serbia, Spain, South Africa and the U.S., are going through New Staff Orientation through Friday. God continues to call people to serve him in multiplying leaders for multiplying churches! Praise God for each new kingdom worker!



travelingJUNE 14: If Entrust staff carried glow sticks, you’d see neon lines criss-crossing the globe today. Our people are coming and going, crossing oceans and land masses. Pray for safe travels. Pray for energy and joy in summer travels and ministries. Let your prayers be points of light among all the glowing lines.



FarniksJUNE 7: Entrust’s Jerry and Marilyn Farnik are traveling from their home in the Czech Republic today, to continue their ministry among friends, supporters and family in the U.S. for a few weeks this summer. Pray for stamina, great connections with people, and somehow, refreshment on the journey. 




MTI trainingMAY 30: Bible. Check. Notebook. Check. Entrust module workbook. Check. Pajamas, toothbrush, comfy walking shoes. Check. Bags are packed. Pre-work is done. Now the intensive in-person part begins. Ministry-minded people who’ve worked hard already, completing up to 50 hours of advance homework, are gathering for Entrust’s annual training intensive at our Colorado hub, beginning June 1. Pray for each facilitator, co-facilitator and participant, to have energy, to have listening ears and a teachable heart over the eight days and 48 hours of learning time. May God be glorified in each life and each ministry represented.


Mark and TimMAY 17:  God is growing Entrust. Exceptional people continue to join us. We’re looking for more of those exceptional types, which is sometimes easier said than done. That’s why COO Mark Huffman and HR Administrator Tim Covert are attending a mobilization seminar May 17-18. They’re learning the best ways to find the best people to fill specific ministry roles.

Pray for Mark and Tim, and pray that God will lead us to those he is calling to serve in multiplying leaders for multiplying churches.


US office staffMAY 8:  Sometimes in order to advance, you need to retreat. Entrust’s U.S. staff are doing that very thing for three days this week. Converging on Colorado from Oregon and Massachusetts, Texas and North Dakota and Georgia. Would you pray for us? Ask God to pour out genuine worship to himself through us. Ask him to renew our vision, rejuvenate our hearts and return us to our ministries with rekindled spirits.


Brazil hubMAY 7:  Thousands of Brazilian Christians launch into full-time ministry each year. In fact, Brazil is the second-largest sender of workers into the spiritual harvest. Thus, the ministry training hub organized by Entrust’s ministry partner, Equipping Women International, is strategic on many levels. Pray as women gather to begin intensive ministry training today, in central Brazil.


Pray for women in trainingAPRIL 12: Q: What do you get when you combine thirty-three participants, nine facilitators, three Entrust Women-to-Women Ministry Training (WWMT) modules and a boatload of chocolate? A Swiss hub! (Hey, we should market that, a new candy bar, the Swiss Hub!) Actually, it’s our annual intensive women’s ministry training for women who serve God with various ministries and in various capacities across Europe. Today through April 21, pray for each woman to learn all God has for her. For heart learning. For life transformation. For rich worship. And for diets not to be blown too badly by the chocolate.


Pray for board meetingAPRIL 6: Entrust’s board of directors is anything but boring. With a former West Point man at its head, this group of business people, writers, speakers, bloggers and technology experts gets things done! With vastly varied backgrounds, they share a passion for the things of God. Pray for each member as they meet today and tomorrow. Ask God to guide their thoughts, discussions and decisions.


Pray for writersMARCH 13: Pray for Entrust’s contextualized curriculum development team, meeting this week with national curriculum writers who are developing training courses for their own specific contexts and cultures. Our Entrust team is on-site this week, coaching these writers’ groups, some working in places quite hostile to Christianity.

Pray for the writers, for the Entrust team and for truly relevant and biblically-grounded training materials to be completed in God’s timing.


World Evangelism ConferenceMARCH 6: Hundreds of students at Dallas Theological Seminary are considering “The Task Unfinished” during the school’s World Evangelism Conference this week. Pray for Entrust mobilizers Dwight, Tim, Joycelyn, Brian, Larry, Bego and Debbie as they challenge students to consider how God wants to use each one in finishing the task Jesus gave us in Matt. 28:18-20. Ask God to call many students to join Entrust’s ministry of equipping church leaders for ministry worldwide.


Omaha, NEFEBRUARY 26: This week, in the heart of the U.S., students are hearing about God at work all around the world and exploring how God might use them in his kingdom work. Pray for Entrust’s Carol C. as she travels to Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska to present stories from Entrust and dialogues with students about the possibility of serving in cross-cultural ministry. Go Royals!


Pray for studentsFEBRUARY 20: “We must be global Christians with a global vision because we serve a global God.” ― John R.W. Stott

Students on both coasts of the U.S. are being challenged to consider God’s call on their lives this week during missions conferences at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon, and Columbia International University in South Carolina.

Pray for Entrust’s Dwight Ekholm, Mark Gibson, Debbie Skufca and Jerry Wells as they tell Entrust stories and talk with students about the possibility of serving in cross-cultural ministry. Ask God to speak clearly to each student, that many will hear and joyfully respond to the call to serve him full time. 


Trish and AmberFEBRUARY 8: It started Jan. 25-27 and continues today through Sunday in Burke, Virginia. It’s Entrust’s Facilitating Relational Learning module, Part II, facilitated by Amber Simpson, Trish Barrett and Joycelyn Seybold, for key leaders at Burke Community Church. Pray for the facilitators and participants as they dig deep into how to ask transformative questions, how to develop effective lesson plans and how to allow the Holy Spirit to work in each heart in a small group.


Spice marketJANUARY 31: Please pray for Brigid and Maggie F., sisters traveling to the Middle East Feb. 1-4 to begin serving a one-year term with Entrust staff there. Pray they will make all their flight connections, for safe travel, that they will have no issues as they cross the border by land and safely arrive at their destination. Pray for smooth transition into ministry with Fuad N. and his family.

Ask God to help both young women discover his plan and how they fit into this ministry, during their year of service through Entrust’s short-term initiative, Serving To Equip People (STEP).


Liberty bellJANUARY 30: Facilitating Relational Learning is about to commence in the Philadelphia area, with an august group of men and women ready to sharpen their small group leadership skills.

Pray for Entrust’s Mark and Kim Huffman as they facilitate this foundational training module, Feb. 4-9.



Trish Barrett and Amber SimpsonJANUARY 25: The Mid-Atlantic team is excited to offer our first Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL) training Jan. 25-27 (Part 1) at Burke Community Church in Burke, Virginia, to kick off the new year. We are hosting participants and facilitators from five area churches and three states to engage in transformational learning.

Please pray God will deepen our faith and multiply disciples as we go back to our communities changed by each other and Jesus. Pray for Trish Barrett and Amber Simpson (pictured) and Joycelyn Seybold as we facilitate together.


Bloomington training groupJANUARY 16: Entrust’s flagship training module, Facilitating Relational Learning, helps participants learn the art of writing and asking open-ended questions; an art simple in theory, complex in practice, rich in results when grounded in scripture and soaked in prayer.

Pray this weekend (Jan. 19-21) as Entrust’s Mark and Kim Huffman provide follow-up training for staff and volunteers at Cedar Valley Church, Bloomington, Minn., on developing excellent questions for small group usage.


Stonebriar Community ChurchJANUARY 9: Stonebriar Community Church hosts many Entrust trainings. As you read this, several women are working intensely together at two of our modules: Discovery Bible Study (DBS) and Women Serving Women (WSW). Pray for each participant, each facilitator and co-facilitator, Jan. 8-11, as both groups work hard to finish part 1 of their respective modules. 



SlovakiaJANUARY 5: Many of our most intense moments with God happen at camp. Even if that camp is coated in snow and may involve skis. Pray as Entrust’s Dustin and Miriam Combs spend time with young Slovaks through Saturday at winter camp in northern Slovakia.

Cold hands, warm hearts!