Multiplying Leaders for Multiplying Churches


Europe - BulgariaSome of Entrust’s earliest ministry took place in Bulgaria, beginning in 1979. Courageous Entrust staff visited this country regularly during its communist years, mentoring and teaching young Christian men. After communism fell, the men trained in the first-generation Entrust group became key leaders: pastors, church planters, Bible teachers and leaders of Christian organizations. Second-generation groups of learners were launched and multiplication has continued since. Entrust training for women began in 1985 and continues to this day entirely under Bulgarian leadership.

Two of Entrust’s most esteemed facilitators and ambassadors, Nik and Grace Nedelchev, are Bulgarian. Both serve in key ministry leadership roles in this country.

BulgariaCAPITAL: Sofia

FABULOUS FOODS: shopska salata (tomato, cucumber and cheese salad), banitsa (filo pastry), musaka (in Bulgaria, this popular dish includes potatoes, eggs and minced pork).

FAMOUS PEOPLE: computer inventor John Atanasov, opera singer Boris Christoff, Cyril and Methodius

SPIRITUAL CLIMATE: nearly 80% Christian (primarily Orthodox), about 2% evangelical; Bulgarian churches are increasingly sending people to serve cross-culturally in other nations.