Multiplying Leaders for Multiplying Churches


Europe - HungaryBeginning in 1984, Entrust has maintained a continual presence through expatriate and national staff. Beginning with a group of pastors working through Entrust’s Galatians and Romans course in secret during the communist years, through years of equipping pastors and lay leaders in multiplying small groups, to today – teaching in an established seminary, operating a Christian publishing house, coming alongside pastors to encourage and develop leaders as asked, Entrust is deeply committed to Hungarians and the local Hungarian church.

HungaryCapital: Budapest

Famous people: Zsa Zsa Gábor, Henry Houdini, Ernő Rubik (inventor of a cube)

Fabulous foods: gulyás (goulash), lángos (deep fried flat bread), somlói galuska (sponge cake layered with chocolate cream, walnuts, rum and whipped cream)

Spiritual climate: long history of Christianity, but, like most of Europe, primarily post-modern. Many churches might be characterized as traditional, cold and unresponsive. Close to 3% evangelical Christian.