Multiplying Leaders for Multiplying Churches


Europe - LatviaEntrust has offered women's ministry training in Latvia since 2014. Facilitators traveled from North America to conduct first-generation training, then mentored those learners as they in turn trained next-generation groups. By 2020, Latvia is poised to offer this training 100% in Latvian language, as course material is being translated and Latvians are becoming certified Entrust facilitators. WWMT's four core courses have become the defacto training material offered to women countrywide through one denomination, and is available to women leaders regardless of denomination. Latvians are steadily passing the baton of Biblical disciplemaking from cities to villages, church to church, across this nation.



LatviaCapital: Riga

Famous people: Mikhail Baryshnikov, Andris Nelsons, Jacob Davis (inventor of denim jeans)

Fabulous foods: pirāgi (bacon rolls), kartupeļi ar siļķi un biezpienu (herring with cottage cheese and potatoes), kartupeļu pankūkas (potato pancakes)


Spiritual climate: 60% Christian, 7% evangelical; apathy, despondence and even hopelessness characterize much of the population of this beautiful nation.