Multiplying Leaders for Multiplying Churches


Europe - RomaniaOne of Entrust’s first countries of concentrated ministry. No Entrust staff live in Romania; national church-based ministry leadership training is led by Romanians under the auspices of EBE-Romania (launched by first- and second-generation Entrust students). Various Entrust staff occasionally visit to teach in an advanced theology program under the auspices of BIG Impact, directed by ninth-generation Entrust students. Other Entrust staff maintain relationships of encouragement with Romanian pastors and church leaders.

Romanian women direct a nationwide women’s ministry training program, originally launched by Entrust.

Capital: Bucharest

RomaniaFamous people: Nadia Comăneci, Vlad the Impaler, Nicolae Ceaușescu

Fabulous foods: many variations of ciorba (soup), mămăligă (corn meal side dish), gogosi (donuts).

Spiritual climate: nearly 97% Christian (primarily Eastern Orthodox), about 5% evangelical; Romani (gypsies) are a large minority and proportionately more evangelical than Romanians. Spiritual fervor, once common in the evangelical church, has waned since the 90s.