Multiplying Leaders for Multiplying Churches


Europe - SerbiaEntrust’s church-based ministry training began in Serbia in 2013, with Bulgarian Entrust staff taking training by invitation to the southern part of the country, while American Entrust staff living in Austria and Hungary did the same in the north. Men’s, women’s and co-ed groups have completed multiple training modules. Second-generation groups are underway and skills gained in our courses are being incorporated into local churches and community outreaches. In addition, we maintain ongoing relationships of encouragement with local pastors.


SerbiaCapital: Belgrade

Famous people: Nikola Tesla, Novak Doković, “Weird Al” Yankovic

Fabulous foods: cevapčići (grilled, minced meat), plješkavica (pork, lamb and occasionally veal burgers, grilled), ajvar (red bell pepper relish)

Spiritual climate: 73.72% Orthodox, 16.10% Muslim, 1.43% Protestant (.6% evangelical); Bible-believing churches are seeing the beginnings of modest growth



One student explains how much the Entrust course Walking with Christ means to her.