Multiplying Leaders for Multiplying Churches


Europe - SlovakiaEntrust launched ministry training here in the mid 80s, with staff traveling in and out of the country from nearby Austria to train small groups of church leaders. Early Entrust students – some seminary educated – appreciated the difference in Entrust’s training with its emphasis on practical application, personal spiritual growth, and a deliberate strategy designed to multiply Christian workers for the local church.

We continue to encourage groups of local pastors and women’s groups.


SlovakiaCapital: Bratislava

Famous people: Ivan Reitman, Alexander Dubček, Marián Hossa

Fabulous foods: bryndzové halušky (sheep cheese gnocchi), cabbage soup, potato salad

Spiritual climate: about 82% Christian; 1% evangelical. Many Christian organizations serve effectively here, reaching students, families and minorities (notably Hungarians and Roma – “gypsies”) with the gospel.