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Europe - SwitzerlandEntrust offers intensive women’s ministry training annually, right here in the heart of Europe. Women in ministry – expatriate and national – from Europe, central Asia, Africa and even the Americas gather for concentrated fellowship, encouragement, learning, worship and skills development.




Capital: Bern

SwitzerlandFamous people: Roger Federer, Huldrych Zwingli, Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Fabulous foods: chocolate, raclette (melted cheese blanketing potatoes, pickles, onions or meat), bircherm┼▒esli (world’s first muesli, invented around 1900 by a doctor at a Swiss sanatorium)

Spiritual climate: about 75% Christian, 4% evangelical; as in much of Europe, post-modernism has taken hold, meaning increasing disillusionment with the church and belief systems considered to be traditional and/or western.



 Join us in Switzerland for Women-to-Women Ministry Training.