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Chiang Mai, Thailand Hub

Hub coordinator
Debbie LampDebbie Lamp is on staff with Equipping Women International (EWI). She coordinates the Chiang Mai hub in partnership with WWMT.

After growing up in a Christian home and being married in 1977, Debbie and Herb Lamp joined Greater Europe Mission (GEM) and spent 28 in Europe — Yugoslavia, Austria and Germany. During that time, in 2002, Debbie met Entrust’s WWMT staff and starting using the curriculum to train GEM staff members at what eventually became the Switzerland hub. In 2009, Herb and Debbie joined Barnabas International and Debbie brought her passion for training women in ministry to her Barnabas colleagues. In partnership with Entrust’s WWMT team, she started the Chiang Mai hub and a Brazil hub.

Herb and Debbie have three adult children.

small group

EWIIn 2012, the first group of Barnabas staff women completed all four WWMT modules. Those women named themselves Equipping Women International (EWI) and began thinking about where to start a new training hub. At that time, Barnabas had a large contingent of staff living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Coupled with the fact that these colleagues could serve as ground support, the women recognized that Entrust WWMT course modules were not being taught in Asia, so this became a logical choice for establishment of a training hub. A partnership agreement was signed with Entrust to use the curriculum and have access to WWMT. EWI started out very small, but God has blessed and grown this hub to the point that EWI cannot staff every course module. Thus, many of the WWMT team have come to Chiang Mai to facilitate alongside EWI staff.

North American women in ministry and national ministry staff from across Asia and beyond attend the Chiang Mai hub. An occasional national church worker also takes part. Women have come from Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Russia, Macedonia, Indonesia and other Asian countries for training in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai seminar building

Next training

October 29 - November 7, 2019
E.W.I. - Barnabas International
Chiang Mai, Thailand


 For more details and to register, contact Debbie Lamp: dlamp@barnabas.org