RIGA, LATVIA - October 2019

Transformation leading to Multiplication

Encouraging, Equipping and Empowering Global Ministry Leaders


October 17-20 AND 25-27, 2019
Riga, Latvia

Facilitating Relational Learning
Developing a Discerning Heart
Equipping Women to Server

Formation Process Modules:

  1. Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL)
    Provides transforming perspectives, interaction and facilitation skills, which are essential to effective small group discipleship, adult learning and multiplication ministry. (Practice Text: Walking with Christ) First Foundational Module.

  2. Developing a Discerning Heart (DDH)
    Helps student recognize and cooperate with the ongoing, deepening work of God’s Spirit in the life of a shepherd, so that she can then more effectively help others trust and experience God as they navigate the challenges of life.

  3. Equipping Women to Serve
    This module begins by building a biblical framework for women serving in ministry. It identifies the needs, resources, challenges, and opportunities in creating and sustaining meaningful ministry. It looks at the essential components for developing servant leaders and includes a discussion on how to build a solid team. Spiritual gifts, temperaments, and effective spiritual mentoring are explored in the context of building a cohesive ministry. (Pre-requisites: FRL, DDH, DBS).

We limit each module to ten participants to allow for maximum interaction and enhance the relational learning aspect of our training. Between 30-40 hours of homework in these manuals/workbooks are required prior to coming to the session. A minimum of 80% of homework must be complete to satisfactorily pass our modules. In addition, attendance of at least 80% of the sessions is also required to satisfactorily pass our modules. Registrations are accepted on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, we suggest you complete the registration process as soon as possible, so that you have a reserved place.


Questions about this training, contact Lasma Asme (lasma.asme@gmail.com)