Women-to-Women Ministry Training


New discoveries and wheels for the car

by Laurie Lind

SwitzerlandAmid the tinkling of cowbells and whispers of wind among hillside pines, 40 women of multiple nationalities who serve God in a variety of settings worldwide, shared their lives, hearts and discoveries with one another at Entrust’s annual Women-to-Women Ministry Training in Switzerland in April.

First-timers like Sherri Letchford traveled to Switzerland from Kenya, where she serves with SIM at Kijabe Hospital. On the final day of training, she told the group:

“I think I was the first person to sign up for this location and this set of modules, I was that excited about it because of what [co-worker] Abby had told me about it. And when I read the first two chapters of Facilitating Relational Learning, I [thought], ‘Huh. I think I’m kind of familiar with all this. I just paid $500...!’ And then today, I said to our group, ‘I have NEVER been exposed to … this is how you can do this.’ And so it was life changing for me.”

Sherri experienced Entrust’s unique approach to facilitated, group learning, in which each participant contributes toward the others’ learning through discussion in what we call discovery learning. In addition, each FRL participant facilitates several times during the training and is peer-evaluated each time. Participants go home with fresh ideas on how to ask excellent questions, how to allow the group to think and hear from the Holy Spirit together, how to facilitate adults in discovering and apply God’s truth to their lives.

Participants in Switzerland training

At the other end of the continuum, Sherri’s co-worker Abby and 10 other women completed the fourth of WWMT’s core modules, Equipping Women to Serve (in field testing, set for release September 2018; formerly known as Women Serving Women). Having previously finished FRL, Developing a Discerning Heart and Discovery Bible Study, these women wrapped up all their learning with the comprehensive package of EWS. One of them summarized by saying she’d gained valuable skills from the first three modules and now EWS “put the wheels on the car” to enable her to move forward in new ways in ministry.