Women-to-Women Ministry Training


Multiplying in the United States


Stonebriar church
Frisco, Texas

Greg Luttrell
Greg Luttrell

Greg Luttrell is Associate Pastor of Equipping at Stonebriar, a church notable for its senior pastor, Chuck Swindoll, and for the many key Entrust leaders, staff members and advocates it has produced, including Joycelyn S., Larry and Bego M., Mary Dean and Soraya Marin.

Pastor Greg’s responsibility at Stonebriar is home fellowships; launching the groups and training leaders. With 4,000 members and Sunday attendance at about 6,000, the church currently has about 30 home fellowships.

Having gained his post-graduate education at Southwestern Seminary, with some summer studies at Oxford in England, Greg says it was seeing Mary Dean training women at Stonebriar that drew his attention to Entrust. (Mary is currently training the forth generation of women at Stonebriar, according to Entrust’s Joyceyn S. Plus she was key in launching WWMT ministry training across Russia, and is largely responsible for Soraya Marin’s discipleship ministry using Entrust courses and methods at a seminary in Spain, impacting many young lives each year).

Soraya Marin, Bible Institute and Seminary, Barcelona, Spain

Greg Luttrell says he saw Mary Dean in action, went to Entrust’s Dallas hub to take Facilitator Training, and “loved it,” realizing, “this is what our people need.” His church is full of “educated people, with plenty of Bible knowledge,” he says. “We want them to spread the gospel in community, through good question-asking.”

He sees Entrust’s facilitated learning model as a disciple-making tool. “It’s a tool to be used for the work,” he says. “It’s not the work.” He says the greatest values of Entrust’s Facilitator Training are “the power of questions, first, and second, how to develop your own lesson plan.”

Stonebriar used to purchase curriculum for home fellowship leaders to use with their groups. “It was a good study. We’d buy it, but, what do you do next?” After Facilitator Training, Greg says, the idea came up, “What if there was something where you could use your favorite Scripture? You could use questions, develop your own lesson plan. It’ll revolutionize your whole process. There are no boundaries to what you can do.”
Greg says Entrust’s vision of multiplication breaks down a bit for him in his local church setting, “because we’re not in a remote part of the world. We want to multiply home fellowships, not the training [itself]. We’re trying to deepen discipleship, not the organizational process.”

But in that way, Entrust’s ministry training is impacting Greg, his church and even a well-known seminary just down the road. He consciously leads both small and large groups through use of questions. His church now holds Facilitator Training twice a year for home fellowship leaders. And, he says, “even Dallas [Theological Seminary] is looking at some of this – how to facilitate, how to ask good questions.”