Women-to-Women Ministry Training


Transformation leading to Multiplication

Encouraging, Equipping and Empowering Global Ministry Leaders


In most of the world women make up 60 to 100 percent of the congregation in any given church. History demonstrates that when women are equipped to minister in their God-given gifts, ministries are mobilized, compassionate outreaches are created, the perceived value of women increases, homes are healthier and safer and community development soars.

All women serving in an equipping or discipleship capacity are encouraged to come to our leadership development trainings. We offer ongoing trainings at key geographical locations throughout the world. See our calendar to find a training closest to you.

Women-to-Women Ministry Training (WWMT) courses are accessible in 160+ participating missions and churches. Our trainings are designed to encourage, equip and empower global ministry workers and leaders.


The training meets specific needs by:

Connecting with like-minded women for personal enrichment and spiritual growth

“I am a different person after this week. I came for DBS, and I did learn and grow in doing it because of the combination of facilitated sessions and practice. But God had so much more planned for me this week. He revealed to me things about myself that hinder my ministry. I was able to take small steps of faith in this loving and encouraging environment that I am confident will impact my relationships and my ministry back home.” S.R.

“This opens a new chapter in my life in terms of personal understanding and in how to assist others to gain understanding for themselves.”

Interacting over discussions, meals, worship and prayer to enhance and enlarge ministry opportunities

“The trainings for me just get richer and richer. What a combination of learning how to facilitate as we are learning about God’s character AND learning how to study and teach God’s word. Learning from one another, being in 'process,' and being coached. For me, having to apply what I was learning right there was huge ... it just didn’t sit in my notebook!” J.M.

Providing for continuing education which enriches your ministry in your local situation

“This intensive week surpassed all my expectations! Even though I had studied the pre-workbook, I was amazed at the depth of the material.”

“This will have a huge influence on my ministry! I finally feel as though I am worthy to start ministering to other women.”

Accessing training venues close to where women live and work

“I loved that this training was only a short flight away, yet it felt like I was worlds away from some of the pressures of ministry. It truly was a refuge to be with like-minded women in this beautiful setting.”

Sharing proven biblical materials, effective training models and experienced facilitators for kingdom growth

“I know in whatever context of ministry in which I serve my confidence in leading small groups has greatly increased. I feel equipped and trained and hopeful about future leading opportunities.”

Appreciating the sacrifices women make to leave familiar surroundings to live in another culture

“I would like to bring this training down to the Philippines and help other women learn through this method so we could multiply faster. And encourage other women that it could be done. That small Bible groups could be done so that we could spread the word of God and teach other people about God in a faster way because my country needs to be healed in a lot of things and one of these is in the true knowledge of God. We may say,'What can I do?' but you will be surprised after this training it is not that bad after all, it is actually fun and you get to meet a lot of sisters in Christ that will encourage you.”

“We also hope to use these teachings in the Republic of Georgia to multiply leaders in churches.”

“I hope to use some Discovery Bible Study and/or Facilitator Training skills … with [co-workers] in Ecuador this summer. The facilitators/leaders and student-led discussions with feedback are really the strength of the program.” S.A.

Renewing through a beautiful training setting with breaks for long walks or reflecting time in order to be refreshed

“It was a very rich time … I have felt invigorated by the training and have increased confidence and skills to take back to my ministry setting.” T.M.


How did this develop?
After almost 20 years of training women in Eastern Europe and Russia, some organizations and women living in the United States requested the same training. So in 2003 we committed to provide training for women in ministry in the United States as well as around the world.

Our hope is to enable women to fulfill their callings through

  • Personal and spiritual refreshment through time with other women around God’s word
  • Relational connectedness and friendship in wider networks of like-minded women
  • Discovery and affirmation of gifting and abilities


trainingHow does it work?
The ideal training environment is to take the four core trainings at an Entrust hub. This environment provides the best and richest context for the Entrust training. Apart from training at one of the hubs, it is possible to create local trainings in an area where there is a group of interested women. Various scenarios are possible, such as

  • Attending global training centers throughout the world (training hubs) served by consistent mentoring teams.
  • Developing a training in a new region for a group of interested leaders, by request of a church or ministry organization. Contact cmccann@entrust4.org for more information.



“Entrust, what does it mean to me ... Joy, fellowship, discipleship, mentoring, passion, friends, family! I finally had women mentoring me, my heart and knowledge were growing for and in the Lord, I was being discipled in a small group, life for God was being lived in rich community. I recommend Entrust for any and all women as a tool and as a life transformation.”
~ Marissa Fuqua, East-West Ministries International



“While on furlough this past summer I mentioned the course Developing a Discerning Heart and its impact on me ... After almost 24 years on the field I can't think of anything that I've spoken about like that in the same way. God used it to absolutely change my life in an instant -- deep, ingrained, thought processes that were just wholly untrue were broken. My blind eyes saw and my deaf ears heard -- in a flash. It may not be that dramatic for all, but it was for me. I only wish I had done this study in my 20s.”
~ Dawn Brian, SIM, Ethiopia




For more information contact us at: wwmt@entrust4.org