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Pastor Acher's training group

Multiplying across Africa

Pastor Acher, Burundi

Three years after I took Pastoral Guidance and Counselling in the Era of HIV/AIDS with the More than a Mile Deep (MMD)* Burundi program, I applied the multiplication approach in developing a network of Christian civic leaders in one of the provinces of Burundi.


I first wrote a small module with the aim of teaching some biblical foundations about civic responsibility. I then gave it to a friend who is a high school teacher and also a student in theology, who agreed to mobilize a team of five Christian leaders so they could study the module together, under his leadership. He also committed to encourage the members of his team to mobilize five leaders each and to become the leaders of their new teams. The circle of multiplication was to continue further and further, almost indefinitely.


Now, three years down the line, there are 40 Christian civil leaders in that province, 20 more in two other provinces and the movement is still growing. This is a demonstration of the power of using the multiplication approach to develop a network of leaders in any area.

*MMD is Entrust’s ministry partner in Africa.

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