God is at work through Entrust, multiplying leaders for multiplying churches. Starting in Eastern Europe and Russia during the Cold War, and now expanded in the rest of Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North America, Entrust, by God’s grace, is equipping new generations of Christians to serve well in the local church.



Entrust is honored to serve in sub-Saharan Africa through our indigenous ministry partner, More than a Mile Deep (MMD). MMD brings African-designed, non-formal, church-based training to thousands. In addition, Entrust staff serve in formal ministry education settings and in grassroots leadership training and development initiatives. These other initiatives include Global Mentorship Network and International College of Bible and Missions (ICBM).

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Global Mentorship Network

Global Mentorship Network aims to impact not only current leaders, but future generations of leaders – mentor leaders who mentor leaders for professional excellence and spiritual formation.

ICBM: equipping diverse peoples for diverse roles in the local church

God is using International College of Bible and Missions to train and equip current and future local church leaders from multiple backgrounds.

Two new churches are born

Planting and Nurturing Enduring Churches. Who’s ever heard of, let alone taken, let alone successfully completed, a course with a title like that? Two students taking part in More than a Mile Deep* training in Zimbabwe took this course and not only successfully completed it, but actually planted two churches in the process.

Spreading the love of Jesus ... and peanut butter!

Many in South Africa ran out of food during the COVID lockdown. Our family prayed about how to help and soon Joseph came to our house asking for food.

Deep learning, wide applications

More than a Mile Deep (MMD) in Moçambique celebrated the greatest milestone of its existence on October 5, 2019. Ten students graduated from a discipleship program with a fully accredited bachelor’s in theology (B.Th.) degree.

Engaging in a culture of religious pluralism

My husband Arthur and I serve at the International College of Bible and Missions in Johannesburg. Arthur is the principal and also teaches several courses. I also teach occasionally.

Content and process must be culturally relevant

Is Entrust’s Developing a Discerning Heart course relevant to women in Africa? Absolutely! Its foundation on the word of God crosses all cultural barriers and makes it a powerful course for life transformation.

When theory becomes practical

Men and women eager to introduce people to the Savior have left their homes to serve in Africa since the earliest days of Christianity. They initiated varieties of Christian ministries which met immediate needs and led to people from every country on the continent responding to the gospel.


Asia is the world’s largest continent both in terms of geography and population. Entrust’s emphasis on equipping Christians within the context of the local church, using adult learning methods, informal training modules and a strategy of multiplication (each group of learners in turn training a new group of students), is well-suited to the need for effective ministry training for over 4 billion people, many in countries where the gospel is restricted.

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Sofia: one in many millions

A one-in-several-million-chance. A blessed accident. An astounding coincidence? Or God’s perfect plan. Sofia could be one of those first options, but we believe she is the latter — God’s perfect plan and gift to our ministry and to her country.

Peter and Sarah*, Asia

Rural pastors with few resources and no time to leave home for ministry training. These are the people Peter and Sarah are preparing to serve. The goal is to bring contextualized pastoral and theological education to spiritually hungry but untrained Christian leaders in a difficult region.

Multiplying beyond Asia

After searching the internet for training opportunities, Esther came all the way from Kenya to take Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL) in Asia in 2015...



Once the center of Christianity, now many church buildings sit empty, are being re-purposed as condos, museums or office buildings, or are being torn down. A top priority in the world is the re-evangelization of Europe, but this can only be done with a renewed generation of European leaders. Entrust started in Europe back in 1979 and we are still here training and challenging church leaders to leave religion behind and train and lead people into a relationship with Christ. Great progress is being made. 

Countries where we currently serve and train leaders include: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain

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The Bible Study: a safe haven for women in Vienna

Editor’s note. Entrust was born in Vienna. Entrust women have been instrumental in guiding an international women’s Bible study in that city since the 1980s. The study continues strong today with Entrust’s Sandy Shaffer as one of its leaders.

Always ready to flex

On the 10th of August, I took a train from Budapest to Balatonfenyves, a little town on the shore of lake Balaton, Hungary's biggest holiday resort. I was on my way to the camp for Reformed Church pastors, organized by KIA, a subsidiary of Entrust.

Integrated church: powerful testimony

On a pleasant September afternoon, my wife Lynn and I waited in an empty, worn-out train station in a small village. God was about to answer another prayer. Since arriving in Serbia, we had been praying for God to lead us to the people and churches he wanted us to serve.

Hats off to Entrust retirees Ronnie and Jane Stevens

Hats off to Entrust retirees Ronnie and Jane Stevens. Ronnie and Jane came to Entrust through a friend who was also a Dallas Theological Seminary grad and worked with Entrust. Ronnie and Jane moved to Munich in the mid-1980s to pastor an English-speaking church.

Abundant good news in Serbia

Bulgarian believers who received church leadership training from Entrust have spent the last seven years developing a ministry training center in southern Serbia. Most of the students of that center are now involved in church planting and have launched four new churches to date.

Tom and Carol McLennan

Let’s have a cup of tea with Tom and Carol McLennan. Theirs is a story of stepping out in faith later in life and seeing God do tremendous, eternal things through them on two continents.

Slow simmered: Italian Entrust training

Entrust’s Women-to-Women Ministry Training sometimes launches in English. We equip key leaders who are proficient in English, who then equip people in their own language. Not so in Italy. We began and have continued only in their heart language. That means the process has been slow … and rich.

Serbian leaders multiplying

Passing a baton and trusting another to run with it is a great sign of leadership multiplication. Pastor Bera Dusan and his wife Mira, in Novi Sad, Serbia, demonstrated that this winter.



By God’s grace and to his glory, Entrust is serving local churches, refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) in this volatile region of the world. Entrust is honored to provide ministry training to people in local churches and humanitarian aid to thousands of people from all backgrounds. Spiritually, it is a historic time in the regions we are serving. God is doing amazing things!

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I fell in love with God’s word … because of the teachers

Matthew came to faith in Christ as a young adult while a foreigner in a country not his own. He was a refugee, having fled his home country, not realizing God had vast spiritual plans for him in his new place of residence, Greece. There he encountered and accepted God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and began to attend a Christian school.

Roaming blackouts

Lights appeared below, outlining the city as our plane approached, on our way in to help at an Entrust family camp. Suddenly the shape of the city changed as large sections below us went dark and smaller sections of light appeared.

A minority within a minority

My people were a minority within a minority, living with a belief system we could not change if we wanted to, all of life pre-determined by an impersonal god. This is the worldview into which I was born in the Middle East...



In a place awash in Bible schools and seminaries, seminars and workshops, printed literature and websites, Entrust’s ministry training modules are catching on and creating demand in the United States and Canada.

Thus, we have established ministry training hubs in the U.S. and Canada to offer concentrated, intensive ministry training opportunities to greater numbers of people. We offer local ministry training in local churches upon request. Our Our North American-based staff facilitate Entrust modules in local churches and other settings as they are able. Many churches have implemented our ministry training into the foundational structure of their churches – particularly in the area of small group leader training.

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Teenagers and God’s goodness

Editor’s note. Entrust’s core modules provide principles to learn, practice and apply in all types of small groups. Entrust’s Deborah Covert used concepts from Facilitating Relational Learning with her church’s youth group (see previous article) and then, put ideas from Discovery Bible Study to work with that same group. Read on and be inspired.

Not just mentorship … friendship

Sarah and Seth Martens are active members of St. Pierre Bible Fellowship in St. Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba. They participated in Entrust’s ministry training module Facilitating Relational Learning in Manitoba in November 2020.

FRL in action

I’ve watched the youth at our church go glassy-eyed during lectures. Lecture-based learning has been our church’s primary approach to teaching our young people.

Multiplying in the United States

“The women at Tomball Bible Church are on fire,” according to Joyceln S., Entrust Women-to-Women Ministry Training (WWMT) hub coordinator in Texas. Based on that glowing report, we contacted Jennifer Frey, Women’s Team co-leader at this church in a small town 30 miles outside of Houston...